Sunday, February 6, 2011


There are dreamers in this world. There have been dreamers for eons and dreamers have been belittled very often by the "realists", by the "revolutionaries", by the "traditionalists" even. There are many more factions or groups of experiences here on Earth and the diversity is the joy and beauty of the world of form. My thoughts today go to shed light on to what it means to be a dreamer.

Dreamers have a very important task that is not really understood by those who are not involved in dreaming. I am of course not talking about the nightly dreaming every human being experiences on and off, or even frequently. I am talking of the daydreamers. These are the souls who have come to bring their essence into the world of form to bring about new ideas, to bring about the framework of possibility. That framework will then be picked up by the "inventors", or "revolutionaries" etc. and put into manifestation. Often times, in the 3D fashion, more value is given to those in the groups that manifest things, bring it into visible form. I challenge these judgments, for they are but an expression of ignorance.

Without dreamers, this world could not evolve. Without dreamers there would be no framework available for the makers and shakers of this world to manifest the ideas the dreamers dream into existence. This world has given credit to some famous dreamers, ideologists, thinkers, artists  etc. Yet it has belittled the really crazy people, you know those like you and I, who dare put the blinders up to avoid the "reality" that is already manifest. Those who dare live in a "fantasy world", where peace, health, beauty, harmony and unity is already a fact. Those of us who are dreamers know exactly who they are. They know of the struggle, the energy it takes to be steadfast, if not stubborn in refusing meddling or even getting informed of the politics, the current wars, the atrocities committed to other human beings. It is not that we ignore those things completely, our hearts do bleed and pour out compassion and love to those areas. We do not dwell on that however, we give it no energy other than the love and compassion. We don't get angry about these things, we don't feel the need to protest, we dont' feel the call to march or shout. We simply remain in our different dream, in order to dream up a new Earth, a new world that is based on different principles than the one we currently live in.

Respect goes to all different groups, for all task forces that have incarnated at this time. There cannot be any peace as long as judgment keeps creeping in. There cannot be any judgment if one understands the greater picture to the degree that there has to be a dream first, there has to be a framework available for the doers, the "active manifesters", those in the action packed task forces. My respect goes out to ALL groups, for if one group doesn't do it's job fully, the next cannot perform at their highest level either. It is time to once and for all stop judging each other, for nobody knows whether the person they are talking to is truly a dreamer, or a protester, a revolutionary, a politician, a steward of the Earth, a simple but important messenger, a watcher or any other of the assignments that can be had here. Because we do not consciously know what task another is performing, it is better to stick to one's own task and stop looking elsewhere for confirmation, for approval, for in all this lies only one potential, denial of one's own power, deviation from one's own task and judgment which only bring ripples of disharmony and discord and makes the job at hand a whole lot harder.

So let's all include the dreamers as a fully acknowledged task force here on Earth - they've been with us, there have been many, some very famous and some absolutely unknown and under the radar. In honor of one of the most famous ones, I urge today stop judging and  -- Imagine! --   (Thanks John for your tireless work and huge legacy).

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