Sunday, February 13, 2011

Our Light and Glory

Have you seen someone you admired lately ? Have you seen in his or her eyes a special light that touched your heart in a peculiar way?. Have you found yourself attracted to people that have seemed "above your league" just a while back? Have you found them to be friendly, open and accepting of your company ?

It may just well be, that the lifts of energetic vibration that have flooded the planet in waves ever increasing in intensity and speed, have lifted your energy to a vibratory fequency that you didn't inhabit when you first were born here this life time. I would say, it not only may be that way, but almost certainly it is that way. These changes in frequency were rough for some, smoother for others, but ultimately, I feel there is a greater number of people here now who have all pretty much settled into a very nice frequency. We may make new friends that way, or we may (sadly enough) walk away from those that we have called friends for a long time. It is all part of this journey.

What I feel I wish to point out today, is that it may still take that "aha" moment, where you actually realize what frequency you reside in and who all are your peers. This serves only for one thing and that is to accept your new vibration for yourself. It is not meant as a suggestion to begin comparing or using observations of vibration and frequencies as a tool for judgment. Far from it. What I am trying to convey is that in order to fully integrate the new frequencies, we must accept and integrate that we have reached these levels as well. For many, the blockages towards further ascension and enlightenment (which only means that we get a clearer image of who we actually are) lie in the simple fact, that their belief systems haven't totally switched over to be in synch with the truth of their energetic frequency. There are people who step thus onto their own toes and stumble along the path, when it would absolutely not be necessary to experience hardship.

For all this time we've worked with our lower selves, the ego. We've found ways to acknowledge it's existence but not give it the reigns for this incarnation any longer. We've humbled ourselves down - sometimes too far down. There are adjustments that sometimes are needed in this regard, to be fully in balance of where we reside energetically. It is quite ok, for those who have a tendency to humble themselves down too much to let go of that a little and look into the mirror that our surroundings present us with. There we can see very clearly where we are and what beauty resides in our heart. It is very important in my opinion that we embrace the gifts of these mirrors, accept them at face value and integrate our experience of ourselves as beautiful beings. This will increase the capacity for self-love and only then will we be able to bring free flowing unconditional love and compassion to those around us. It is quite OK to embrace our own beauty, capacity for love, our light and glory, so that we may shine truthfully in accordance with the newly gained energetic frequencies.

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