Saturday, February 5, 2011

Middle East

My read on the situation in Egypt and the Middle East in general is that we are witnessing a mass awakening of epic proportions. The unrest that manifests as a result of it, is understandable, if we remember our own awakening processes over the last few months, years, even decades. What we were able to integrate little by little, the frustrations we experienced in small doses are manifesting in those areas of mass awakening on a much larger scale compressed in a very short time frame, thus making the process ever more intense.

Indeed I am not even looking at the details of the unrest. It is the energetic signature that I am reading here. I do not claim to be right, I bring this knowledge so we can embrace this new group of awakened folks and hold them in our energetic embrace, with full understanding and compassion.

To enable anyone who feels drawn to helping the people in the Middle East ease the journey, a net, a sub-grid of the crystal grid around the planet has been manifested over their geographic area. Lightworkers are invited to visualize this net which is located a bit closer to the planetary surface than the crystal grid, as if it were a grid-like dome, anchored at various points on the periphery of the geographic area that is currently experiencing this awakening.

All beings in this area are strongly affected and not everyone is used to such a significant lift in energetic frequency. The visualized dome can hold energies of all frequencies and is meant as a tool for those lightworkers who do have the desire and are drawn to help in that area. This tool can be used intuitively. There are no direct instructions, but I have seen that working with this sub-grid involves all different color frequencies, depending on the situation's needs. It therefore makes sense to let the process of assistance unfold individually, with full knowledge that the compassion and unconditional love focused on the Middle East at this time will result in the dome's response in amplifying our efforts and thus will most likely result in images for the lightworkers that will make the helping experience very focused and efficient.

I imagine that not every single lightworker has a desire to be intimately involved in helping that area out with their well intended focus and love. Therefore, it may be advisable for those who do not feel drawn to it to know that there are plenty of lightworkers at work already and if you're not one of them, that's fine, your work/job may be in a different area altogether. Those needed now will most certainly feel the distinct call to take action one way or another. Working with this sub-grid/dome is not a requirement, it's just an offering to facilitate and amplify the balancing efforts.

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