Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

Today, I'm tempted to just write: "Happy Halloween !" I'm entirely too busy crafting costumes to write anything of value, but I have the faint suspicion that I'm not gonig to get off the hook that easy.

Being Swiss, I'm too far removed from the Halloween craze, but ultimately, I know my kids just want to have fun and get lots of candy. I am not going to ponder any deeper notion than this today, others can do that. I do however feel a topic coming on and it's one of JOY !

If you are trick-or-treating with your kids tonight, you can derive joy by watching their happy faces. If you give out candy, you can derive joy by watching their happy faces ! - If you wish, you can decide to be susceptible to their joy and trust me, it may be contagious. I am one of the greatest organized-holiday-grinches but I try real hard to catch at least that glimpse of joy from their joy. So if you aren't deliriously happy today that Winter is upon us, you can possibly be at least grinning inwardly in the glow of the joy these little monsters bring to your doorstep.

Happy Halloween Everyone !

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