Friday, October 29, 2010


I would like to speak of "authenticity" today. What is authenticity and what implications does it have in my daily life? When am I truly authentic and when am I somewhat "fake", i.e. when am I removed from true authenticity?

 A synonym of authenticity is genuineness. To be genuine. It's polar opposite would be counterfeit or imitative. Now that's a good word for me - imitative. I believe I have spent many years in this world imitating what others did, just to fit in. I have taken my time to get up the nerve to be bold enough to be who I truly am and even that may not always be in absolute alignment with my true essence, but reflect a daily "state" or "level" of authenticity, which can vary.

What does it mean to be in absolute alignment with my true essence? It's easy to spew words, it's rather more difficult to get an inner sense as to what they mean for each person. I can only divulge what it means for me, how it feels inside, not to suggest that it should feel like this for anyone else, but perhaps there are similarities ? For me, being in absolute alignment with my true essence means that I feel myself expand. The "thing" I call "I" being my energy, my essence at its center. With this expansion, I feel burdens and beliefs fall away, I see clarity come in as I experience a myriad of things all at once and have learned not to dabble in trying to understand what I see, for that brings the sensation of expansion to a halt, because I focus on something in particular. If I keep focusing on my essence, on that center point, which by the way is located in my heart area on my physical body, I can keep the exansion up for quite a long time. I have tried to do housework in that state and had to realize that I better not do that, nor operate any kind of heavy machinery ! This state is not really conducive for worldly things, it is a state of spirituality, of authenticity as to my inner nature. I do somewhat lose identification with my phyiscal body and faculties.

There are many states in between the physical identification and that of absolute authenticity. I am not suggesting that one goes about physical life and every day tasks in this expanded state. However, what I am suggesting is that the information, the certainty that we may glean of who we truly are, that this certainty of our absolute authenticity remains. With this certainty, we can channel our authentic self into the physical body, we can bring this awareness into how we execute our daily tasks. We can navigate emotional upsets by touching upon this certainty. Of course there's polarity here, so we will waver - but if we practice the meditative (centering) state and have awareness of who we are, how big and all knowing we truly are, then more mundane things will hardly cause the ripples they have caused in the past.

With the full awareness of our authentic selves comes the awareness of "all is one". It cannot be otherwise, for in the sense of expansion, one can observe how the parts become whole again (like water droplets forming a puddle). To fully understand that oneness with our physical mental capacity is at this time not easily possible, but what we can take from this is the awareness that on some level, we truly are but one energy - all of us humans, all of the animals, the minerals, the plants, all of the planets, all of the galaxies, the universes and all of creation. With this awareness we instantly fall into a place of heartfelt compassion and humility. The process of gaining the awareness of our authenticity brings so much more, it brings instant connection to our mission in life, it brings absolute certainty of our path, it brings understanding of greater plans and connections of why certain people do certain things.

Most of all, it brings peace.

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