Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Million Miles Beyond

Recently, a dear friend of mine said: "You're a million miles beyond me spiritually!"

That statement left me stunned at first, then it made me think about what she could have meant. I can only guess at the true feeling or sensation that made her write this statement. In my speculation, i believe it could have been a sensation of "being less than" or "not good enough", one of "incapable", of "there's a lot of road ahead of me". The sensation of "a million miles behind"  is a given, for it is the polar opposite of her statement.

In my perception, there is no place of  "million miles behind" nor "beyond",  spiritually or otherwise. We are one and as a unified consciousness there is no real separation, let alone notions of "beyond" or "behind". Those notions are illusions. Still, her statement, her feeling, her assessment in and of itself remains valid, for it is her point of perspective and as such is to be respected. However, I cannot embrace this point of perspective to make it mine. True, I have the advantage, that I do recall feeling that very same feeling, sensing that I was "behind". In the past, I have even joined apprenticeships and the likes where "spiritual progress"  was measured in "stages", activated through so called "energetic transmissions" and all that jazz. (how silly really!). The wisdom tradition that worked like that was earth based and it turned out that I learned that no human being can decide what kind of "transmission" is due for anyone, nor the exact time when it is "due". I question whether there is even a need for a "transmission" or any other kind of initiation altogether. I've experienced that the spirit world itself just activates when one is ready - things just naturally fall into place. There is no measurement needed. True, milestones along the way to spiritual enlightenment (as in spritual awareness) do happen. They are these moments of epiphanies, where everything just changes and a new direction is taken. Those moments can be called "growth", but all in all, it's just a point on anyone's journey, and who's to say if that is "beyond" or "behind" anyways.

Another saying that works for me is: "Everything is as it is supposed to be". Embracing that statement has brought many moments of peace and has gradually diminished my need to measure myself against anyone else on my journey. For measuring is such a notion of the 3rd dimension of polar opposites, it's got competitiveness written all over, judgment follows it right away and the result is either victory or defeat - Great drama too... Not one of these things may be actually true though. The last ones will be the first - I truly believe that my journey, arduous at times has also caused many twists and turns, that I was of course free to explore, but were they necessary for my spiritual development? I am not even certain of that - it may be so, but it may also not be so. What I do know, everything I have experienced up until now makes me the person I am today. (and no, I haven't come up with this statement on my own either, it's borrowed, but it holds true for me, so i use it :))

What I have figured out and hold as my belief is, that with the frequency accelerations, transformatory processes are available at a much quicker rate as well.  (Did you notice time running really fast these days, every year passes seemingly quicker than the one prior? - No, it's not that we grow that old that quick ! ... )
This is great news ! It took me decades to change and integrate some things in my life 30 years ago. Now, the very same transforming processes can be achieved before dinner is served! - That's the great advantage of the frequency acceleration that some of us have actively been working with since the 80s.

I'm going to try and be very pragmatic, to return from my million miles beyond to the "right here, down to earth" place ... One thought, one intention from the heart that is your desire. One decision to change a certain thing, to overcome a lifelong pattern, a fear what ever else, you may want to change in your life. One thought is all it takes and things are instantly set into motion. You will see delivery of what you need to be doing come your way, before you have time to reconsider. Wavering is out - you intend, you get! - What do you get? Well, I hate to disappoint you, most of the time, you'll get whatever lesson or situation you can best work through, accomplish, learn through, in order to get the result of your intention. The good thing however, and believe me when I say, processes like this took years some times, it can be accomplished very fast.

I have a suspicion that critical mass had to be reached on this topic too, for the potential to be available to anyone now to transform towards a truer version of who they really are. It takes no million miles, but just a small (heart felt) step towards the wish to be true to your very essence to become authentic. (or spiritual, for our authenticity, our nature is spiritual).

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