Sunday, October 17, 2010

Preserving the Glow

When I was a child, I had a very beautiful outlook for the world. It was nice in my world, people did not hurt one another. Everyone knew what they were supposed to do and did their tasks willingly, with joy in their hearts and praise on their lips. It was a world that only I saw. My siblings and my parents, as well as my friends could not relate to my world. In my world, I knew things. I knew how the pyramids had been built, I knew why certain flowers grew, even though the adults called them "weeds" or in German "Unkraut" which translates literally to "un-herb". It was so weird to me, to call a beneficial plant with a specific purpose an "un-herb". I recall knowing how to talk with trees and rocks and how crystals in particular were answering back to me. I recall playing with the faerie folk and I knew how to recognize and respect their dwellings. I understood many things before I was even 5 years old. Then, Kindergarten began, which was ok, because my Kindergarten teacher was a very kind elderly lady, like a grandmother to me. Her heart was as big as the Universe and that worked well for me.

This lasted 2 blissful years and then I was eager to continue learning in 1st grade, to be shocked into the "one size fits all" schooling model of the 60s, which included being hit on the back of the hands with a wooden stick, for important stuff like untidy handwriting, too many sideways communications and many other "infringements".  I abruptly had to shut down my openness to the energetic world (s), because being open meant experiencing pain. There were many discrepancies that I had to first learn about, in order to finally, somewhat "fit in". Needless to say, my intelligence allowed me to slide by academically, but the "learning" about people was very difficult and filled with many tears. I missed the harmony of my world, which I had marginalized out of sheer need for survival.

I'm going to leave my account of my earlier years on this planet with these vague descriptions, because this is not about me really, it's not about provoking pity. In fact, I've come to peaceful terms with my past and it's really OK now. So why am I sharing this ? Because I bet that there are many more kids out there who have been able to preserve their harmonious world. Who know things before ever having been taught anything. It is the never ending quest for awareness that drives me to shed some light onto the possibility, that kids are actually smarter than adults, because they have NOT been stuck into school yet. Their levels of creativity are unquestionably huge and they do not think within the box, if left to their own development. If you know of such a child, if you have such a young child in your family, among your friends, and you hear that child talk about something that is "not of this world", PLEASE don't destroy the magic of the tale. Don't belittle the child for it's immense capacity for imagination. Please listen to him/her and try to be unprejudiced. Listen as if you would listen to a wise old person, a sage.

One moment, one contact with an adult who is a bit aware, at least aware that he or she knows potentially less than a young child, can shape that child's experience and let him/her hang on to the inner knowledge for a bit longer.

Developmental studies show that around age 7, a child becomes a logical thinker. This happens naturally and it is ok that way. However, in the past, the capacity for logical thinking has taken over the creative faculties and it takes a long time to unearth the creative mind again later in life, when we embark on spiritual journeys as adults. I have a child who, like me, lived entirely in her own harmonious world. She brought in lots of information and knowledge, wisdom from her higher self. It was heart wrenching to see the logical mind take over at age 7, right on time ... She cried bitter tears one day and said: "Mom, I have lost contact with my faerie friends". I had given her all the support up to that moment, so that she could have conscious memories of her early years to draw from when she would be older. Yet, even with the most ideal support, my baby had lost contact... I cried along with her and then we came up with a way (there's always a way!). I let her choose a big crystal and that is her "cellphone" now. For about a year, she took the crystal to amplify the communications and now, she has carried the ability to communicate with spirit over past the threshold of her logical mind. I cannot say, whether this is a good thing or not - all I know is that whilst she was in pain and grief over the loss, she is now centered within herself, her abilities are what they are and she functions just fine in the more logical world of academics.

Best of all, the spark in her eyes, the glow of her soul that she brought into this world as an infant is still alive and well, when it potentially could have been withdrawn (to hide) at age 7. I measure my "parenting success" not by how well behaved my children are (although it does help if they behave;) ... but by how strongly that spark still shines through my kids' eyes, or in other words, how little they have been removed from who they are in essence, how little they have been compromised.

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