Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Shifting Dimensions

I am wondering whether some of you have actually decided to lead a life based on your heart energy, a life in what is also called the 5th dimension. Of course, I have no way of knowing this, nor do I know how many of you have intended for this shift into 5D years ago and are well under way to lock into this dimension. There may be some of you who have no idea that there are multiple dimensions, let alone that we can travel from one into the other easily, in fact, that we very often do that anyways, during our sleep.

Last night for example, I dreamt (or perceived?) that I was slipping and sliding all over the map, through worm hole type tunnels, it was fun, it wasn't scary and in every place I "landed" there was something else that I experienced. It wasn't very easy to keep track of it all, but the travel to and fro was what stayed with me this morning. I had thus quite a time to adjust to this world again, as you can imagine. Travel while in our dream state can be experienced as being on a train, or plane or more old fashioned with horse and carriage - or by foot. Travel with a brain like mine often brings images of UFO's, of sheer energy shifting and as I said above, the slipping and sliding sensations of dimension shifting. The universe is manifold in my opinion and anyone can travel it at random (thought and intent being the navigation control). Whether we can bring our experience into the waking state is a different question. Here again, as with anything we experience, belief systems are the parameters of what we allow ourselves to live through.

There are many incidents of shifting that have happened in my life. It has become so dire at times, that those around me even entitled me as "unstable" to say it in the least offensive way. Perhaps that is so, perhaps I do have too vivid an imagination. It could also be my love for fantasy novels that create such imagery and beliefs and experiences for me - or it could be the other way around. Perhaps my love for fantasy novels is born out of experiences of worlds that are not in this 3rd dimension, this Earth experience. (I do believe the latter to be true.) Anything we can concoct in our minds has a potential source, can potentially become "real".

You may wonder, how one can live in such a shifting world ? - Where realities blur into one another, when things are real one moment and not anymore the very next. When dimensional focus is on 3rd dimension one moment and then 5th again the next, or 6th even? I am in 5th dimension when I write these blogs - truly focusing on my throat chakra's energy and connections, bringing in the "message of the day". I do not experience myself to have locked into the 5th dimension yet, meaning that I travel back and forth from the 4th dimension (heart based existence) to the 5th dimension. Last year, I have made the conscious choice to lock into the 5th dimension and am not really able to live and experience the 3rd dimension the way I have before. 3rd dimensional energy is painful to my physical body. The energy vibration being a frequency that is no longer compatible with my locked in 5th dimensional state of being. This may sound all very technical. Alas, I did not chose science to be my avenue this lifetime, but art, so you'll have to bear with me with my rather clumsy approach to an explanation:

I see these numbered dimensions not one above the other, but rather next to each other, in a way that radio stations are "next" to each other in frequency. If one dials a radio station's exact frequency, you hear (experience) the station's program crisp and clear. As soon as you dial away from that station it becomes fuzzy and eventually you'll "lose" that station, to find another one further up or down the dial. None of this explanation is based on judgment. It is more a matter of "taste" whether you like the classical station better or the "oldies"... Personally, I feel happiest in my "station" of 5D, but I do visit 6D now and then. I grew tired of the music that plays in 3D and don't listen to it much anymore, that does not mean that 3D isn't playing it's music anymore - trust me, it surely is!

The main focus of these dimensions is like the lens through which the daily events are witnessed and experienced. In 3D, the focus point are the issues inherent in the Solar Plexus Chakra, they have to do with power, greed, right and wrong, polarization in order to determine the winner over the loser. It is a very competitive sort of experience. I've never felt that it was true to who I am in essence and I was ever so happy to leave this "lens" behind to fnd the focus of the 5th dimension to be my new "lens". In 5D, the focus point is the high heart - the chakra between the heart chakra (4th chakra)  and the throat chakra (5th chakra) being the lens. The high heart chakra governs energies of love, generosity, compassion, yielding in the salomonic way, the greater good of all other than the greater good for oneself. In this focus, the ego, which is a predominant and necessary player in the drama of 3D simply loses importance. It becomes a tool to balance check books, but it won't rule the everyday experience as it does in 3D. Things become more focused on what is good for everyone involved, rather than what benefit "I" could get from my actions as it would be and most certainly was while focus was in 3D. The experience of time in 3D is also more pronounced and linear than it is in 5D. In 5D, the view becomes more encompassing and involves greater awareness.The experience in 5D allows for unprejudiced and therefore more peaceful existence. 

Currently, the energy frequencies on the planet earth are such that a shift into 5D is allowed and possible for anyone voicing heartfelt intent. I believe the transition from 3D into 5D to be one of having a "grace period" where the adjustment allows for going back and forth, as the situations demand. Nobody is asked to leave everything they've known so far behind in one moment and shift into a completely new perspective of their life over night. The person brave (or desperate?) enough to utter the intent to shift from 3D into 5D will most definitely be presented with challenges, with things to look at and let go, before the final shift into 5D is locked in. It is mainly a period of personal growth, but a rewarding one in my opinion.

A lot of people have shifted into 5D simply because that frequency harmonizes more with the energetic frequency of the essence of who they are. There is no "personal growth" involved, it is a mere gentle adjustment into a more suitable perspective. You may find yourself already in 5D without even knowing. Just look at the brief description I gave and see for yourself, what your focus point is, you'll know !

There are certain shortcomings of residing in 5D when it comes to talking with people whose focus point lies in 3D. It may be that you say things to your friends, and they will turn what you have said into something you did not mean at all. That can be attributed directly to the different points of perspective. Something that is meant compassionately can be misinterpreted as something that has a flavor of challenge and competition. You may be called "arrogant", because the ego based experience of the person residing in 3D cannot fathom nor understand what music is played in the dimension of the heart, unless they go visit there. Above all, it's a great exercise in experiencing the gems of 5D - compassion, patience, non-judgment and love. (all traits that a person focused in 3D will find rather annoying and offensive).

Communication is difficult across the dimensions, but it will always be easier for the person who traveled from one dimension to the next, thus having experienced both the trademarks of 3D and 5D. Therefore, I believe it is up to the more experienced person to yield, be compassionate and understanding - for he or she can !

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