Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Infinite Possibilities

As the world wakes up to another day of the same old, same old; as I wake up into my own world of same old, same old, I cannot help but wonder why it is that we as a totality re-create the same world over and over again. If we take a very close look, we may find some comforts in the way we live, we may even find moments of joy, but there are also those issues that just don't go away. Of course they are varied - but ultimately, at the core of things, the common denominator is: it's the same issues we had for such a long time. Re-created daily - automatically. There is a lot of stability and a sense of security coming from that action of re-creating one's world exactly the same as it was the day before. Not everyone has it in them to pick up and go and do something drastically different every day. Most people are complacent and "quite happy" or worse yet, "quite content" with their personal worlds.

I read and hear from different sources that we have "infinite possibilities", that anything imaginable can come forth in physical form. Is it that I have trouble fully believing in the infinite range of possibilities, or are they just not in my reach ? How come, I haven't manifested at least some of the infinite possibilities ? How come I am re-creating my world every day anew- alike the day before ?`Am I that asleep ? I look around me and see people who walk through their lives like zombies - they are truly asleep - half dead really. Oh, it isn't my place to decide who wakes up and when. I am fully aware of that. What worries me, is this: am I, who thinks that she is more awake than some people around her, really awake? really ??.... I mean wide awake ? - I think not. For if I were, my creations would be decidedly more fruitful, more yielding and more infinite.

This should not be the end of things, however. If you have read other posts, you may see a pattern in my musings - I look at a situation, then check within how the state of affairs is inside. Then I do not rest until I have found a way to change whatever I deem needs changing inside myself. Such is my drive of "seeker-dom".

So, I'm thinking "infinite possibilities" as a term is really appealing to me. I believe this, wholeheartedly! Yet, I re-create my world daily with the belief patterns that have shaped my experience up until this point. Some things have changed, of course, I'm not static after all, but on the whole, apart from a different location, I've always taken myself along for whichever ride I was going on. This means, I, with all my beliefs am the only constant factor in my own process of creating my worldly experience. This means further, that since I am the only constant factor, I have access to changing that factor. I have the ability to change - constantly change - to make the premise of infinite possibilities come true for myself. A thought comes to mind: how can a being (myself in this case) hope to create out of a pool of infinite possibilities if he or she perceives the self to be limited, far from infinite?`

I have mentioned before, that our experience in this world is one of looking into a mirror. So if you have the same issue like I do, of seeing your world's experience to be one of same-ness, of daily same-ness, far from exciting infinite creations drawn from the pool of infinite possibilities, then what you are seeing is but a reflection of yourself. In order to change that, there's something to be changed within. I look at this belief that I hold of myself. Yes, I do believe that there are indeed infinite possibilities, but is my belief in myself strong enough to include myself in this pool ? Am I truly part of this thing ? Am I as infinite as the possibilities I am trying to tap into? In truth, yes, I am that infinite. It's really strange - I have this sense that i truly am that infinite. Yet... I also hold the belief, that in order to use that power, that skill, I cannot be in a physical body, for a physical body limits my experience and my abilities to co-create. There we go ! It's not my understanding of what is in the energetic make up of this world. My lack of connecting with infinity has to do with my belief of how limiting physicality is. Bingo!

I am certain, I am not the only person on this planet having that belief and I am told, that this belief was put in place on purpose. The purpose being that the "descension process" of old couldn't have fully taken hold otherwise. Now at the brink of the turning point of going into ascension, this belief becomes brittle. There are people who have successfully ignored this belief and they are creating things that are "out of this world" truly! They are reaping success and creating what their wildest dreams suggest. I wish them well - no, I bow to the pioneers of this as I stumble after them on the path they plowed before me. All is well. My epiphany today is a far reaching one - this belief of "physicality is limiting" is one that was set in place to ensure learning and experiencing in the lower dimensions. The deep sleep that belief had induced was absolutely divinely purposeful and necessary. I can live with this. Upon waking up to this, I am however really keen on changing my innermost belief. It's time to do this now, at least in my life.

The physical body, as nature intended, is defined. It is therefore by proxy limited. Not as limited as we all believe in the sense that we HAVE to grow old and gray, but still, some limitations apply, according to the laws of physics and nature. This does however not mean that my abilities to create are limited, for my essence is limitless. My essence is in and of itself the very pool of infinite possibilities that I was talking about. Therefore, the belief of limitation is dependent on my sense of identification. Who am I ? Am I my body? - No, I am not my body. My body is my instrument through which I experience they physical world. Who am I ? I AM the pool of infinite possibilities and to draw from this pool is but natural.

With this strong identification, this statement of heartfelt intent, I am no longer energetically bound by the belief that was put into the consciousness field of the earth experience so many eons ago. Things shift - I shift! .... Will you shift?

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