Saturday, October 16, 2010


These days, one can read a lot about compassion. HH, the 14th Dalai Lama keeps bringing this message to the people world wide - Be compassionate ! - Be patient!

I have tried to be compassionate (and patient) for a rather long time and although being compassionate has its very distinct results of greater happiness and joy, just as it is promised, I've often wondered how to spread more and more compassion in this world. I've asked myself "what's really required to become a compassionate person?"

I'm sure a lot of folks have their individual and unique approaches on their personal journeys and those are absolutely valid and most certainly allowed. For me, compassion, altruism and understanding share a core sentiment and that not to judge, or in other words, to allow the spirit of inclusion and diversity into one's life. When I realize the necessity of polarity, which is a given on this physical plane, when I look at the fact that without experiencing one point, I would not recognize it's opposite point, then I realize also, that in the basic polarity driven way of experiencing and integrating experiences, I need to judge, to discern one thing against the backdrop of the other.

Yet, judgment, although so intrinsically woven into our earthly experience, is the one basic cause of exclusion and conflict, thus the cause of a non-peaceful state of existence. We can see this all around us. We can see it when we study history. At the base of every war or conflict lies judgment and with it exclusion.

Judgment per se is neutral, but it can wreck havoc in its wake.

How can a human being make experiences based on judgment/discernment and at the same time cultivate compassion and be peaceful because of it? I believe that the answer lies in becoming an uprejudiced observer. That is a goal that every homeopath strives toward. And, yes, it's a rather lofty goal.

In my practice, it helps me a lot to think that I know nothing at all. I am like a blank page, a clean slate. Instead of trying to find out "why" a certain state exists, I focus on observing "what" this state is. This is a very curious, childlike state of open mind and there is definite absence of judgment. Anything goes, the experience has potentially just widened considerably, lost it's attachment to the polarity and because of the inclusive nature of this frame of mind, creates peace. (And whoops - we're in the 4th dimension again, not driven by polarity, but realizing the oneness of all that is.)

The peaceful feeling that such an approach to any experience brings is wonderful and in this space of openness, the heart vibes compassion with every beat - automatically! In the scope of experiencing life, all is allowed!

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