Monday, October 11, 2010

From Healing to Love

The other day, I've demonstrated on the blog how to "heal" a belief that had manifested for decades in my system. It took me a couple of days to catch on what exactly took place. I believe to have come to the conclusion. To sum it up again, I had first become aware of this belief that no longer serves me. It was in and of itself allowed, had a purpose, I understood why I had kept it alive. However, it also was extreme and locked me down in an unhealthy fashion. It did not allow me to be who I am in essence, therefore it was causing a subtle form of dis-ease. (well, not so subtle at times!)...

This means that the belief I had held was the core of this particular disease. According to homeopathic principles, in order to heal, this would have to be matched with something similar -  or the exact opposite. (Samuel Hahnemann, §22, the Organon).

In nature, the exact opposite of the totality of a person's symptoms is often so very hard to determine, that homeopathy has found it easier and more successful to focus on "Like cure's Like", on finding a substance (energy) to produce a similar symptom. When we deal with thought forms (energies of the mind) with beliefs, we are fully able to find the exact opposite! (how exciting) and thus the creation of the exact opposite belief did not propel me into the abyss of the opposite (equally diseased) state, but balanced my energies (belief) out to leave behind a healthy state. 

That is true transformation, not the various "band-aid techniques" that cover up the actual problem for a while. True transformation is here to stay. Once achieved, it does not revert back to the old "groove" again. It will remain balanced. With this true transformation, I have also done something far greater for myself. It was an act of self-love to free myself from a belief that no longer serves a purpose. This form of self-love is altruistic, it isn't ego-driven. It is just a simple, quiet form of: "I love you, you deserve a better experience, you are worth way more than you believe!" This form of self-love opens the heart with a very quiet "click", lets the heart energy pour forth that has been held there for so long (yes since childhood, where we were like that naturally).

As I type these words, my heart is open, my love for my existence is flooding through my physical body and beyond. It isn't a moment of self-aggrandizement, for it holds the knowledge that with this open heart, with this flood of wonderfully sweet energy flowing through me, I reach out beyond the limits of my physical expression into the energies of everything (and everyone) that is around me. And I mean EVERYTHING. This heart energy, this love is impersonal, it is universal. It is what creates, it is what brings the awareness of the connection with all that is. Not just empty words, but palpable intertwining with ALL that is - yes, ALL! - yes, beyond this earth too - into our galaxy, into further galaxies beyond that - and you will see that there is no end to love - it permeates ALL and brings the understanding of oneness.

If you have already had such experiences, you know what I am talking about. If these words bring such an opening of your heart to you, revel in it - I mean, this is your chance to do some "cheap wellness"... no massage needed, no mudpack on your face, no scrub down of your physical body, no hours meditating, no "pretzel poses" in fancy yoga classes ... just love - simple, huh? It raises one pivotal question for me - if it feels this good, if it rejuvenates us this much, why don't we focus on it more often? Like daily ?...

It raises more questions still - if we are connected like this through the energy of love, if we ARE one, if we ARE this large ...yes it's a lot to embrace!... then why don't we apply it to bringing the changes we seek? (Assuming that we don't, well I know I don't always, I am human too, I know I keep sometimes forgetting that I am that large, hey such is the illusion of physical experience.) What I do know is that in this love, in this energy lie infinite possibilities - anything goes.

Some of you may not have experienced the exhilarating rush of this energy, you may say: that's a bunch of New Age Quackery - well, It's not. The rush of this energy comes when you intend to live in your heart, it takes but that, a simple aware intention of: "I wish to reside in my heart". The universe will then present you rather swiftly with all the obstacles that you still have to overcome (and there may be none!) before you can actually reside in your heart full time. Don't despair, it's not going to be "whomps, here is your baggage" an all-in-one dump of obstacles - they do come one by one, most often and are never more than you can manage. So if you are presented with a lot, with a big obstacle, you have to take solace in knowing that it is EXACTLY as much as you are able to handle. If you feel that it is more than you can handle, your view of yourself may be somewhat distorted.

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