Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Critical Mass

I'm going out on a limb today:

My friend Kryon tells me today, that humanity has reached a milestone. Many people have had a sensation as if things were stopped, as if the world was holding its breath for a few days now. Yesterday, there was release. The exhalation has begun. It is these energetic peaks that are palpable for the attuned or sensitives.

The rush of the exhalation is one of joy. Joy over having reached this milestone. This crossing of the threshold, this wonderful shift in energy that you may have noticed was a raise in mass consciousness - critical mass has been crossed in certain topics and the ripple effect has gone around the globe, allowing everyone instant access to the knowledge and the desire to integrate it.

I am being shown that an incident last night was a direct result of this shift in humanity's consciousness:

One of my daughters came to me last night in emotional distress. It was deep, it was real - yes, it could have been "hormones" but I realized that it was deeper than that. She had suddenly realized that she had lived in the future all her life, short as it may be and her despair and regret over this "mistake" was expressed with the repeated sentence: "It is so WRONG" (to live in the future). There was the deep inset understanding of the implications of that choice to live in the future and she was wavering on how to find the NOW. I assisted her with a very simple exercise: I asked her: "Look around you and tell me where you are at this very moment". She did - then I asked her: "What time is it?" - she said without hesitation: "Now!". (and instantly calmed down)

Along with her concerns about past, present and future was the big question: "what is my purpose here ?" - this may also have been part of the shift in mass consciousness. More people than ever before may ask this question now.

Mind you, I am not indoctrinating my children with what I know. I keep quiet, unless they come to me with questions. It is not my place to make up their mind about spirituality. They are not exposed to any formal religion, however they know about some things from their peers. So how was my daughter coming to this sudden realization and dawned understanding that she's been out of synch with the now ? - I don't know for certain, but from what I hear out in the energy fields beyond the veil, it is because this one threshold has been reached and humanity as a whole has begun to understand that being in the now is where it's at, that living in the future or in the past is painful and not very energy efficient.

We may well find many people from now on, who understand that they have either lived in the past or the future and had forgotten how to live in the now, where the only true quality of life exists, where anything is a possibility and where one resides in alignment with one's true power and purpose. It may also be a phase of slight confusion, where people feel that what they have been doing is "wrong" - it may have to do with this shift. Gently assist your friends, if they approach you with similar concerns at this time.

I am being told, that indeed this energy shift has happened, the consciousness of humanity has taken a big step towards integrating what it means to be in the moment. Along with this, perception of time will change world wide. Over time, things will calm down considerably, as people don't rush after what they focus on in the future anymore, or at least not to the degree we have seen before. This shift in perception of time had to come at this time, as the energetic vibration of the planet earth keeps rising, the perception of time keeps accelerating. If one does not find the timeless expanse of the now, things become very stressful for the human mind. Hence the shift we all  have been working towards as a group, whether we were aware of it or not.

Of course, one incident of one epiphany in one person does not provide proof that indeed critical mass has been reached and the ripple effect of knowledge has touched the rest of humanity. It would be very interesting to see what happens elsewhere. If any of you had similar things happen to you or to people you know since yesterday, then please feel free to add a confirmatory comment below.

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