Wednesday, October 6, 2010

We are Responsible

It can be overwhelming to think that the world we individually experience is our own creation. You'd probably think somewhere along the line of "no way !" "It's not my fault this world is in the state it is!" "I haven't lived that long and things were bad before I was born" ... Yet, I hate to disappoint you - you are in part responsible for what you experience. The state of the world is exactly the manifestation of ALL creations combined. Chaotic ? YES! ... very chaotic. Am I personally holding you responsible, or even blaming you for the state of affairs here ? No, of course not, I leave that up to each individual to find the right amount of emotion that would entice one to move into a different frame of mind - nothimg more, nothing less.

It can become overwhelming to think that one is even remotely responsible for the chaos on Earth. Yet, it is so, each single individual is playing his or her part. Don't worry, it's not up to me to point out to you, what exactly you are responsible for. All I am saying is that each person is responsible for their own creation and create we all do, whether we are aware of it or not. That may lead to questions like: "what about the children? Are they responsible too for their creations ?" Yes ! they are, their adults however are responsible to create an environment in which the children can remain who they are, keep their hearts open and free of indoctrination of how everything is supposed to work and then, we might even have a chance to see new creations to come forth for future generations. Of course each set of parents will see their children mimic and take on things that they see done around them. They will however base everything on the lens that they brought along and if left to develop their very own sense of self, based on compassion, love and heart energy, it doesn't take a lot of imagination to see that the world could eventually change for the better.

The responsibility I am talking about is the responsiblity of self and as an adult, it is high time to embrace this concept, anchor it and live accordingly. For some people with wildly dramatic experiences in their lives, that make them feel like the eternal victims, this step into responsibility for oneself may be a very difficult one. It would constitute of a total change in thought pattern and I am aware that it isn't achieved over night. Now, in this moment however, it is a very good moment to begin to embrace the magnitude of this responsibility. I don't feel like it's up to me to put a burden onto any one person here, but it is a pivotal concept on this journey and without it, we keep playing the point and blame game over and over, thus never feeling moved enough towards changing anything in our lives and our world(s).

Here, the idea of meditation comes in handy again. Start slowly, give yourself time to absorb the magnitude of what this responsibility for oneself is all about. You will notice areas that you cannot embrace as yours, cannot integrate as "I did this- or - I am doing this every day" I would like to point out that I am very certain that each experience in your life each impression you glean from this world is nothing BUT your own creation and for that you are fully responsible and accountable to yourself alone. A word of warning here, once you embrace this responsibility and live accordingly, life will possibly become very dull and boring, for the addictive thing called "Drama" will fall away. I have lived a life filled with lots and lots of drama. I was a drama junkie - my long time friends will most certainly confirm this. I have experienced what I call the pinnacle of drama... and have returned to an (almost) drama free life. Even if drama plays out, I do not feel it to the depth of what it could be any longer. That is mainly because I look at what my creation is and take responsibility which is as easy as admitting to myself that "yes, ok, duh! not such a cool creation, but mine, nevertheless!"

People with a certain amount of consciousness will at this point feel very drawn to make changes, but may not really know how. A friend of mine put it very simply this morning: "If you treat people nicer, they tend to react nicer too"... Yes ! that's it - "begin to live and be the change that you would like to see in the world" (seen on umpteen bumper stickers) or - "The Universe WILL Rearrange Itself in Order to Prove your Beliefs" (seen on one bumper sticker so far, but found it to be very fitting).

These are not pat statements, but age old truth that has been taught by various wisdom traditions on this planet. The belief that when treating people nicer they will respond nicer is exactly creating a more desirable experience. 

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