Thursday, October 21, 2010

Dormant Cells

The continuing experience of "this and that" / "this or that" is a major reason why the perception of the oneness is difficult. How can all be one if all that we see is the different parts, and we don't even see all of those. How could one really embrace oneness. In order to integrate that concept, we can look at our own physical bodies. There are countless numbers of cells, doing what they are supposed to do (in most cases) and maintaining a viable body to inhabit. The body itself is viewed as a "whole". It has its distinct barrier towards the outside world (the skin) and is autonomous. Of course we have learned to have good hygiene and we are also committed to nourish our bodies with healthy foods most days. We have indeed learned to take care of a "whole".

It goes without saying that this seeming "whole" is just a part of a greater "whole". Let's move out with our photo lens to a more bird's eye viewpoint. In our mind's eye we can easily see lots of people, lots of bodies inhabiting the planet. That is in essence the same as lots of cells "inhabiting" the body. We nourish the little piece, take good care of it, yet the whole is ailing. It's out of control, its growth rate has exceeded the amount of available resources (per capita) a while back and it keeps growing - ("it" being humanity as a whole). One could almost envision a halloween-type horror movie here, but let's not...

One cell is not responsible for the whole - or is it ? If one cell functions badly, another may pick up the slack. If one cell is lazy and decides not to do what it came to do, it may not be so problematic for the whole body. The body can still live, renew itself and continue it's physical existence. The same applies to one human in the whole of human kind. Not a big deal - it's almost as if creation had accounted for that possibility. Imagine a  lot of cells in a human body not doing what they were designed to do and you get problems for the existence of the physical vessel. Those rogue cells are usually called "cancer" in terms of pathology. Apply the thought process now onto human kind as a whole and you can easily see that if many many humans don't do what they were "designed" to do, you get the same result for humanity! yes, let's call it cancer ! The "rogue" humans who do  not know why they are here, what they are supposed to do with their lives, what their purpose is,  are in fact the cancer of human kind.

The problems humanity is facing on this planet are huge. Mainly, because the cells (individual humans) have no clue what they are supposed to be doing here and the whole "machinery" has gone awry. This statement is a bold one, for it carries in it the assumption that there was a plan in the beginning. I believe that there was. I believe that the plan was to see whether we could stick to the plan whilst having free will choice, which I believe to be the "prime directive" of human kind. This free will choice is something funny. With enough awareness, free will choice becomes a non-issue. One does what one is supposed to be doing (like the good little cell...) Trust me, being a good little cell has it's downside - it's very tempting to become a  rogue, but the implications that follow if one strays from the path, are just too great and as an aware little cell, I don't feel the need to keep trying to become a rogue.

In my scenario, rogue cells are dormant cells. They just are asleep. One could wake them up of course, but they have the free will to go back to sleep, hit snooze so to speak. I've tried the drill sergeant approach, but that didn't yield many more awake cells (souls)... Smoothly working cells do take over the job of the rogues, of the sleepers, for a time, and for a certain amount. It's just what they do. The job becomes increasingly huge though and I believe by taking on others' jobs, one is actually perpetuating the snooze-phase, for if it gets done anyways by those picking up the slack, one could sleep a little longer. Personally, I've all but stopped taking on others' jobs. Taking away jobs isn't a nice thing to do, even if it's well intended in the beginning. Since I'm done shouting at the sleepers to wake up, I'm pleading with the awake cells to stop doing the jobs of the sleepers. When need finally takes over, those dormant cells just may decide it's time to start doing what they came here to do and begin working towards healing the whole.

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