Friday, October 22, 2010

Get on Track

 Yesterday I have spoken of how the whole becomes dis-eased when the parts are asleep or not "working" according to their blueprint, according to their given purpose. I've likened it to cells in a body not quite doing the right thing they are supposed to be doing. Today, I feel it is but natural to talk about this "purpose" thing. How does one recognize or wake up to one's purpose. I'm assuming, we all want to be healthy "cells" who know what to do at any given time.

I am not the master at always doing what I'm supposed to be doing, and most of the time, I haven't got the faintest clue, whether what I set out to do is really in alignment with my purpose on this plane of existence. Writing this blog for instance is such a thing. I sit here every day with the intention to write "something" - Usually the good ideas come to me in the afternoon, not when I sit here. So literally, I've sat here some days for more than 15 minutes with my fingers aligned on the keyboard, ready to type with absolutely nothing in my mind - blank - not the faintest clue.... until I write some random words that pop into my mind and then the flow comes and the topic sort of shells itself out into something that actually has a beginning and somewhat of and ending - and some paragraphs in between.

How can I know that writing new posts every day is what I'm supposed to be doing, and what is the actual purpose of it. I let you in on a secret - I don't really know. All I know is that after each post, there is a warm glow, a feeling of "this feels right". After each post, I feel I've done my work for the day and am on "free time" - well, you know the time when you get to do the household, go grocery shopping, mow the lawn, run the kids around, cook dinner, read a book and finally play online Scrabble with a great opponent...Yeah - folks, that's the "free" time ... ! Anyways, I really don't know what my purpose is for sure, but I have a sense of how it feels when I'm "on track" and since this is such a good feeling and since I have an addictive personality, I seek what feels that good - I seek the moments when all things just flow, when nothing seems "against" me and when I feel wonderful after having done that "something" (whatever it may be). This stance requires an openness to anything.

Knowing the makings of the Universe the way I do, I can most certainly, with wholehearted conviction actually, say that individual purposes for people never have to do with harm for anyone involved. It is never the purpose of a lifetime to cause harm, to hurt others or oneself. I do not believe in the excuse of "oh it was my life purpose that I did this "horrible" thing". However, words have sometimes come out of my mouth unbidden in the past, and they did cause harm. They triggered deep seated patterns and issues in the person they were directed to. Was it my purpose in life to say the words just then, the way I said them, just to trigger the person so that they could embark on a journey of personal growth? I would like to think yes, but in all honesty, I don't know. It may not have been in the blueprint of my higher self to do just that little thing, but sometimes, we are tools for a greater purpose. I feel writing these posts goes into that category of being a "tool". I believe the difference in my example would be whether the words came out unbidden, automatically, from a higher place, or whether I'm using the knowledge that that sometimes happens as an excuse for a  verbal attack - It takes deep thought, and brutal honesty with oneself to answer that question.

So what if nothing in your life feels "purposeful" or makes your heart jump for joy? What if there isn't any particular wish that has been burning in your heart for ages ? What if you draw blanks when thinking about the words: "what's my purpose" ? Well, that's certainly possible. Sometimes we are really not quite ready to know the purpose, but we can still embark on getting into the groove that would lead us to our purpose. I am content with the groove, for when things just roll, when  there are no real obstacles, when the ideas I have just flow, then I may not know what my purpose actually is (it may not be defined), but I certainly know that I'm "on track" and that's good enough for me.

What if you have a heart's desire, but just cannot find a way to make it happen? There could be a number of reasons. One could be that your heart's desire is just simply not in your blueprint. It's not in the plan you came with. Going after your goal neverthesless would be an uphill struggle at best. There would be road blocks at every turn, obstacles to overcome. There are people who love those kind of challenges. Another possibility would be that your heart's desire is indeed your purpose and your higher self is pushing you to get there, but you don't believe you could do it, or don't believe you deserve it that your wish be fulfilled. If that is the case, I urge you to work on changing those hindering belief patterns and go for your dream. You will see that roadblocks move magically out of your way, if indeed your dream is in alignment with your higher purpose in life.

How have most people come to be so far removed from knowing what they want in life, what their purpose is? I clearly want to blame someone or something here. Bottom line is that the intuitive faculties children bring into this world are being clogged, disallowed, distrusted and devalued pretty much at every step of the way. Thus the one most important instrument for successful navigation through a lifetime is crippled at best, or even lost. If you can still be in a child's life, even an older child, if you have any influence at all - try to notice the opportunities where you can be a pivotal person in their life, when pointing out their correct intuition will reinforce their understanding that they actually have what it takes to successfully steer through the winding paths of their life. If you, yourself have trouble accessing that inner voice, that gut instinct, if you hear it/feel it, but can't really trust it, do check your beliefs around this issue, for it IS the absolutely best instrument we have to find our real purpose in life, or at least to get "on track".

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