Tuesday, October 5, 2010

How to Recognize the Clues

Today's post is going to be short and sweet, mainly because the topic is a simple one.

I've written about incidents that happened to me and how I took them as clues and went on searching what they meant, but I have not spoken of how I realized that they were clues on my journey. When I look at the events described in my earlier post "An Example", it was very clear that the bike theft and the ugly communication were incidents in my life carrying the very same energy. Both had to do with transgression, with disrespect, with violation (felt or not felt). The clue is in the coincidence. When coincidences are present, you can be sure that it is a clue.

Every coincidence deserves a closer look. The more you focus on recognizing coincidences, the more you will see them pop up in your present and you will remember past coincidences. I like to stick to the present, so I let the past things be past things and move on what presents itself to me every day. I am not suggesting that you go out and become obsessed with coincidence detection or something like that. But when they do happen, do give them a closer look. Look for sameness and look for opposites that tie them into a pair. Once you realize what the underlying energy of the coinciding events is, you surely will have a small epiphany. Things are usually simpler than they appear - so make sure you don't read a huge drama into every little coincidence !

Whilst embarking on the journey of beginning to recognize coincidences, you've already stepped into the commitment and exercise to expand your awareness (kind of nifty, that it all works out so easily, isn't it ?) So no great rituals needed, no hours and hours of chants and aching joints from the lotus position ... Simply open your eyes to your own experience of reality, yes it is YOUR reality and yours alone, and begin to experience the kool things that the Universe has in store for you. Yeah, of course, also the not so kool things... but still our own creation.

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