Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Current developments at my kid's school bring up a topic that is very much linked to the state of the world. We are experiencing on a relatively small scale what ails us globally.

At the core of the problem we have identified the issue of "exclusion". Along with exclusion goes prejudice. Exclusion is executed judgment at its best. It is very detrimental to the environment and has deep reaching effects on all human beings involved. The most common reaction to this is to exclude the excluder, which in and of itself may appear to be a state of hypocrisy.

Given, children should not have to endure a prejudiced, judgmental adult who disrespects their human rights as well as their environment and their individuality, but I cannot help but realize that by just sending that adult away, the topic of exclusion isn't done with. It's there, in my face and I'm wondering what would heal this situation.

For the children, the healing process is mapped out, the idea of the clear opposite state (inclusion), is there, in place and will hopefully be carried out to its fullest, thus healing the hurt that has been caused by the exclusion. The question is now, how responsible are we as a group of parents for the healing of the "excluder" ?

I draw upon my homeopathic training and realize that efforts had been done to show this adult the way. She has chosen not to be open to the mentoring and wasn't able to change her fundamental belief system. She then has become the maintaining cause of the "dis-ease" in the classroom. Dr. Samuel Hahnemann quotes in his Organon that first and foremost the maintaining cause of a disease has to be eliminated (well, removed in this case, we're not eliminating people really....!) Then a similar remedy has to be found, or in this case the exact opposite (inclusion).

I am confident and very hopeful, that the healing process through inclusion will be successful and that health can be restored to the classroom.

Spiritually seen, what is the responsibility for the "maintaining cause", the adult person who had to be "removed" ? - We are all one, that person mirrored something to each one of us. Clearly, we got very upset with certain things. Funny enough it wasn't the same things that triggered the parents or children. It was rather individual. Since we cannot hope to "change" anyone other than ourselves, I believe we owe it to the soul who has taken the role of "maintaining cause" in this scenario and honor her really hard work for the bunch of us, by going deep within, by looking at exactly what got us irritated the most. Then, once we have found this issue that irritates us so, that makes us so angry, we have the opportunity to heal this bit in us - by simply accepting that we have the very same trait inside us, that we carry exactly what this person showed us so clearly, so blatantly. We have it in us and deny that we do, that's why it irritates us so.

It is not up to me to do the work for anyone other than for myself. Perhaps the irritating trait is something we do to ourselves, we would never do it to another human being, because, you know we're really quite aware as human beings and don't do stuff like this.... ummmm..... yeah!.... right!....

Once the irritating issue is recognized, embraced (included!) and owned, we can bow towards the soul of this person in recognition: "I am THAT too" - I hope i won't choke on that one, but I know from experience that I will breathe easier afterwards as I see the irritation fizzle away into balance and health.

Thus we have a chance to complete the healing that we wish for our children, we can do justice by our own demand for inclusion and include that soul who was brave enough to show us our issues so blatantly as the gift towards greater awareness, greater wholeness and greater sense of inclusion of all that is.

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