Saturday, October 30, 2010

A Gift from Venus

I have written about a lot of things already. It's quite random, but in line with coincidence (i.e. directed by the unified field of consciousness) I realize that most of my posts are timely and "just right". I do get feedback about this curious little fact as well. Believe me, if I say that none of my topics are planned, none of the timing is worked out by my lower self.

This instills a great trust in the correctness of what is going on in this blogging process and hence I am trusting that which comes through today, as regards its timeliness and pertinence of content.

This weekend a lot of energetic influence from Venus is hitting Earth directly. Perhaps you have already emarked since the beginning of this week to reconnect with loves that you thought were lost in the depths of the past. Perhaps you have had an experience that instilled fear and reminded you that to say "I love you" before leaving your loved ones is a good idea. Perhaps you just found yourself in a soft glow of universal love for a bit now. Or, perhaps, (and there are many more possible scenarios) you find yourself lonely, abandoned and lacking that content, warm, cozy feeling in your heart we call love.

There is one sort of love that connects us all - no, in fact, it IS what we ARE - as a whole. Even in our little parts, we are love, the same way that a drop of water is the same as the whole body of water. This energy of universal consciousness that IS all that IS is in fact love. How can we possibly allow the thought and belief that we as individuals may even be part of the greater one, but not made of the very same stuff ? It simply makes no logical sense. So for me it holds true that if I love that greater one (whichever name you prefer to use for it), then you have to love yourself by proxy, for you are exactly made of the same stuff !

How come, self-love or the lack of ability to embrace that love for oneself whilst we fully feel the love for the greater whole is so rampant here on earth? It is at the core of things possibly the most important feature that we should be learning ! How to love oneself !...

There are many wisdom traditions that speak of the very same thing. It's not news, yet we have this tendency to forget, or at least at times disallow the love for ourselves. How can we reside in a more constant flow and awareness of this love ? There are tons of methods out there and no, I'm not proposing any of them nor am I endorsing a particular one - It's an individual journey for each one of you out there and it's most definitely not my job to suggest how you get there. All I am saying is: "You have a heart - use it!"

Use it for you the same as you would for whom you genuinely love. If you don't know how to use it, then intend to use it and things will ensue that bring forth the issues you need to look at in order for this natural state of self-love to kick back in. Yes I am saying "kick back in" because once, as a kid - we knew how !...(sound familiar ...the child thing?) It's a natural state of being, the awareness of love for the whole goes hand in hand with the awareness of love for oneself, for other creatures in our lives, the respect for others that ensues when we manage to find that state is easy and natural.

This weekend, the energies of Venus do facilitate this opening or widening of the heart's capacity to embrace this very important point. So with this I ask each of you to take your imagination and seek out the center of your chests - the heart center (chakra) - from there, feel ...feel deeply .... feel the energy that is naturally in that energetic center. Once you feel that energy, fill every cell of your body with this energy of love - you deserve it, for I am certain, most cells feel rather starved just about now. If this feels as good as a hot shower on a cold rainy day, then do it often - as often as you like, for truly, we have deprived ourselves of this love for so long, it's time to soak it all in again!

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