Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Flu Season?

It's "flu season" - what a belief ! Well it is, flu shots are being administered and my unvaccinated kids come home from school with symptoms like runny nose, sneezing, tired limbs, low energy, headache, sore throat, the works. Luckily they got a mom with homeopathic training and a whole bunch of (OTC) homeopathic remedies lined up to help out. They willingly take the remedy I give them and usually feel better within hours. They know to tell me right away of their symptoms, it makes my job a lot easier.

One of my dearest friends keeps telling me that disease is a "phase-out-model" and I do believe her. Although it may even be counter-productive for my source of income as a homeopath, i cannot help but spread the news. As a homeopath, my foremost focus is on getting people healthy. So how is it, that a person like my friend has this inclination to say that disease is soon redundant as a means of growth and learning? Her approach to life and healing is empirical - she has tried it out ! If it works for her, it can work for anyone. Although she is indeed a very special person,  the biology and physiology of her physical body does not differ from that of other people. It is her belief patterns that differ and she is sticking to them, because in her reality, it has worked. So what does she do at the onset of physical illness ? - At first, she told me that she would simply align her energies with those of her higher self. Easier said than done for most.

Since self-prescribing is a rather difficult task (one is so enormously blind towards one's own issues !) I've taken to "enduring" colds and sniffles, just living through them with teas and lots of bed rest. After hearing my friend's accounts of her great self-curing feats, I decided to try it. I was left with the very simple sentence (belief) of "just align your energies with those of your higher self". Simpler even, just "align"... would be her one word she had offered. Given, I'm possibly a bit more analytical, a bit more inclined to communicate these things so I decided to try to find a "way" as to how to align ... It's as difficult to define as "going to sleep" - The good part is, it's as easy as going to sleep, as natural and I believe truly, if more and more people would try, they could balance their energies out at the onset of disesase and never even get that full blown cold/flu this season. Soon enough, there would be no more flu-season, that belief that there has to be a flu-season is then redundant as well and can be ditched.

I for one don't believe in any "disease-season" - viruses are everywhere around us, continuously. True, when the weather changes and the cold seeps into my bones, I tend to feel a bit more vulnerable. This is the indicator of my body to "align"... to strengthen the physical self with the energy of the higher self.

I will not talk here of what a higher self is, or how it looks like, or anything close to that. I think the best I can say is, the higher self is that "sense of self" that is not immediately "attached" to the physical body. I don't know what your impression of this sense of self is, but I know that each person has one, whether they are aware of its existence or not. Inputs from the higher self are intuitions, those gut feelings that guide you. That's the communication channel of the higher self. It's quite an "altruistic" sort of self and it is not as attached to what you do or how you do it as the ego (lower self) may be.

There may be as many ways to align to the higher self as there are individuals. I can let you know how I do it and then you can try it out for yourselves if you've never tried, and see what works. You can get really creative with these little inner "rituals" - whatever works for you is good enough!

I focus my attention on my heart center and let that energy expand farther than it currently is. (some people call that "activating"). I dwell in that energy for a while before giving intent to align my physical body's energies with those of the higher self. Then I am quiet and sense what is happening. I normally feel a slight shift and that wonderful sensation of expansion sets in. I feel how the energy of my higher self flows into my physical body and illuminates every single cell. I feel how it clears out energies that have become stuck, it's like an "internal shower". I let the "gunk" flow into the earth in my mind's eye. This is a great opportunity to reaffirm my belief that I am more than my physical self and that there are infiinite possibilities for me to explore. Even the possibility of overcoming disease by balancing myself out. I am usually filled with thoughts like "this is what taking responsibility for one's physical body is really about".

I know that exercise practices such as Yoga or Tai Chi have similarly cleansing effects and I applaud anyone who has enough self-discipline to embark on such a daily practice. I have in fact studied Yoga in an Ashram about 15 years ago, but somehow, keeping a daily practice alive just hasn't been easy for me. So yes, I'm lazy and through that laziness, I am forced to find different ways, lazier ways perhaps.

I am not telling you "do this and you will be healed of whatever ails you" (I think I would get into legal troubles if I did, so I am not making this claim at all !) - all I am saying is: try this exercise, see how you feel doing it. If you like it, make it a daily habit, or if you are more like me, use it at the onset of symptoms of disease and see how it goes for you. I can let you know a little secret: the moment you let your higher self into your physical existence, you'll find that it will enrich and reward you with insight, spontaneous joy, inspiration and further guidance, so aside from the possible health benefits, it's really a nice thing to experience - and it's free !


For some reason I am drawn to emphasize one more time:

 Please be reasonable and use common sense. If you experience a disease that is potentially life threatening, then don't hesitate to go see a doctor! We want you to stick around a while longer !

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