Sunday, October 10, 2010

A Tall Order

After going through the exercise to change my personal belief yesterday, I've taken the day to focus on other things. I wasn't diving into the depths of my belief systems at all. By the evening, I had to realize that even though I didn't have many people actively listen to me, because I wasn't around that many people mainly, I didn't feel that those I had been around,  had actively not listened to me. This morning I touched upon that belief structure and tried to see whether I had potentially created something wildly out there like "Everybody....". Lo and behold what I could see is a balanced belief of "I'm ok and some people (the people who are drawn to me) will listen and others won't, but that is ok this way." What a very relaxed sort of sensation ! It was more like it is a non-issue now, when before it definitely was an issue. I focus today again on my wish to see this blog take off and go around the world and in my mind's eye, I cannot perceive any visible obstacles. One day! ... It's exciting.

I have meditated this morning and let my essence tap into information that is really "out there". There were such exciting ideas, potentials to be tapped on a global scheme, that I have a hard time waiting, but alas, I received information that the time isn't quite right to bring what I saw into reality. I will keep blogging until the day, that time comes - and beyond. I feel however, that certain topics need to be addressed before that time.

One of the things I have explored recently is the absence of conscious creation. Before starting into the adventure of writing this blog, I had just not had any concrete idea of what I could focus on, so I had decided to focus on "nothing" and just lived my day to day life almost mechanically. There just wasn't a wish in my heart that I felt was worth wishing for. Perhaps, I admit, I was just too scared to reap what I would sow. Well - that in fact is a given in this universe. The reaping... The sowing may be conscious or unconscious or it may be conscious abstinence from sowing, but the reaping remains.With that metaphor, when you don't sow anything into the fertile soil of creation, what will you reap ? - Exactly ! Nothing! ... That nothingness I reaped was a sense of stagnation, boredom and yes, also a sense of freedom from responsibility, which felt quite relaxing at times. These sensations/emotions had prevailed for a few months now and I guess boredom won ! I am now ready to create again, as consciously as possible - just to run into more silly, hindering belief patterns that I can smooth out and set right. The "work" involved now is however perceived almost as play and that's more fun than reaping nothing.

How so, I've mused, did the framework of my world not collapse onto itself when I created nothing ? How did I still move around in and experience a world, my world, similar to that of others? There are the same politicians, there are the same celebrities, there are the same pop-songs and oldies ... you know - that world we share. Oh, we share a world! ... ok. So only parts of my experience are actually manageable and changeable by myself. I'm a great soloist - I don't do groups !... hmmm.... dang! - Roadblock!

It appears that some of the world that we experience is a group-thing. The word mass-consciousness comes to mind here. Of course, this concept isn't entirely new to me, I've been havng you on a bit. I am actually fully aware, have been for a time, that group work holds far more power than solo work. I have a fair understanding that it takes mass consciousness to shift before we all can live in a better world. The problem in that is, that each individual may have a different idea of what constitutes a "better world" - Bottom line here would be to get a lot of people on one page. First, get a lot of people to even wish for a better world - perhaps there are quite a few, but enough to consciously try and shift consciousness at the same time, to solve their individual inner blockages and belief systems, so that they can ?

That is a tall order, but it does somehow link into my wish of this blog to go viral, now doesn't it ? - I like great challenges, I like the "impossible" just to find out that it wasn't impossible at all and most of all... I am really, really tired of living in this world when we all could have a better one. I am tired of spending a lot of energy and effort on putting band-aids on a greater problem, of solving the outer problems, when the core is ailing - I want to follow the homeopathic direction of cure, from within to without in order to achieve this lofty goal and I invite you to invite people who are equally tired of the state of this world to read this blog, as I gather momentum here, as I follow what is before me, one day at a time, one step at a time, to the potential fulfillment of creating a massive consciousness shift that will create a better world for all.

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