Monday, October 18, 2010

Utopia ?

A friend of mine asked me whether I could write a blog for people like us, those who have already gone through the motions and adjustments of living in the 5th dimension. It occurs to me that I could be a chicken and write such a blog, just for a select few, or i could just face my fears of ridicule and write about it right here, for everyone to see. So if you read stuff here that you have no idea what it is, or how come I'm all of a sudden addressing topics that seem far fetched, well just take what appeals to you and leave the rest for those readers who will leave the stuff that appeals to you. I have obviously a broad audience - or so I just assume.

Here is a tidbit for the few (no, this is not an elitist statement, it has nothing to do with any kind of competition, that would be the viewpoint from 3D ...)

I have spoken of the "tall order". Normally, I don't pay attention to gateways, numerology, special looking dates etc. This one I looked at in retrospect, i.e. the day after it occurred to me that I had brought down a tall order on 10/10/2010...
Let's take a closer look at this tall order, shall we? - I have not dared to speak exactly of what I saw, but I will now, since there was a request for "more" or "deeper" ... which ever way you want to call it.
The tall order I was talking about has to do with a very deep understanding that dwells inside of my essence. It's exact location I cannot pin point, but it has a sense of "central". In this understanding, I know of my purpose here on this planet. The purpose why I chose to go through with all that physical stuff, the being born, growing up, learning professions etc... Anyways. I caught a glimpse of what my purpose is right now. Yes, timing is a funny thing. Stuff lies dormant until it wakes up (I guess those are the gateways some people are talking about).

This urge popped up and with it the absolute knowingness that in my little (or larger?) efforts I am here to sow seeds. I sow them, I have sowed them for a long time, but the seeds have changed. The seeds that I am spreading now are about changing the world. It's big, it's really really big and of course my ego does backflips and shouts its warnings. It's about as much as my tamed ego can take without blowing itself up again in self-aggrandizement. Yes, I'm still human and that possibility is distinctly given - I am very aware of my tendencies and this temptation, thus feel that I've got a grip on it. (hoping !)

So it boils down to changing the world as we know it into something that we also know, but haven't seen in physical form yet on this planet. We have seen similar things in physical form on other planets during other incarnations, but this time, we're doing our job here. We (it's not the royal we) meaning the "away teams" of a few souls that are in physical form now to assist this change of the world. Assist whom ? - well, there are many takes, shall we say, there are helpers who are not living with physical limitations and thus have kept their overview of the monumental task at hand.

There are studies that show how once 100+ monkeys on an island learned to rinse off their sandy bananas in the ocean, learned and passed along by the monkey see - monkey do principle, monkeys of the same species on a different island, who have never seen these monkeys rinse their bananas all of a sudden knew of this skill and used it. What happened was that the consciousness (and belief systems) of the monkeys reached what is called "critical mass" and that way, all the monkeys knew to rinse their bananas.  I do believe we share the same "oneness" that the monkey tribes share. All is one and if world wide, fools like me ...(did I just say that?) ... ummm.... like minded people like me will inspire many more people to change their beliefs and thus their experience of this real world, we will reach critical mass and people who never heard/read or were exposed to any information about this shift in other ways, will change their beliefs and be able to create a new world right along with us.

Being the first to do that is perhaps an attachment the ego would cherish. Personally, I don't really care if i'm even reaching just one more person with this, i'm contributing to this critical mass hypothesis and that's worth it for me. For me, it holds true what I have been told to get "over" so many times by so called self appointed "teachers" in my life: I am here to change the world. .... so, now it's out.... whew... do with it what you will, it's my calling, it has been for as long as I can remember and now, in the era of mid-life where purple hats can be worn without risking to appear weird, (or just a little) it's OK to be bold and to know what I know.

As with anything really aligned with universal truth, the concept is very simple. The power for this shift has to come from the heart center (yes, 5D!) and a sense of being one with everything.

A dear friend of mine has come up with a very good mantra. He says: "I am that too!" and he is right - it's that simple!

So, in that context, I want to speak a bit of the world I see when I look at the point in time "after the critical mass has been reached" After all, it's nothing but fair to know what it is that you work towards - no ?

Of course the view of this world is individual for every person, as the perception of it is based on their inner landscape. However, I dare say, the essence of what this world will be like remains the same:

The new world is one where oneness is a basic understanding. People stop hurting each other, because once you fully integrate that all is one, you just cannot do that anymore. Karma (or the old understanding of karma) is instant - you reap what you sow and will then quickly adjust to a different behavior automatically. (no, this is not a threat). Every person is potentially in alignment with who they are in essence, their higher self is living vicariously through their physical bodies. The ego is still there, but it yields easily without a fuss to the more universal/divine concepts and intentions. People come with various talents and since they are not forced into learning something just to get a job, they will enjoy their existence on Earth, because they do exactly what they set out to do. Work is thus shared and the understanding is on the focus of the greater good for all.
Competition and insistence on being right/wrong, wars, judgment and exclusion fall by the wayside. Compassion and patient understanding become common place. With the higher selves living through the physical bodies, understanding about things is much deeper and more truthful. Sustainability will be common place. Sharing will be common place - Ideas of "mine/yours" will cease their grip, greed will fall by the wayside all in the understanding of "I am that too".

There you are .... a glimpse of what is to come. Utopia ? Not really, for if just one person can dream of it, it is possible.

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