Sunday, November 28, 2010

Activation Phase

During this process of increasing our frequencies, I've noticed a wave-like pattern. It comes and goes. It ebbs and flows. At the turning point of the movement phases in either direction is a place that is often very difficult to navigate. It is that place where everything seems to be too hard. The feeling of not being able to do one more step is prevalent. Personally, I try to sleep through those days, or at least disengage from the overwhelming awareness the new energies bring. It is probably a coward's way of dealing with these turning points, but it works for me. I am certain, everyone will have their own way of navigating these moments.

I do want to investigate what happens in these yucky moments energetically. I am no scientist here on Earth, but I can follow energetic signatures. So I will explain it as accurately as I can perceive it. I make no claim to scientific accuracy, as that would be preposterous. If what I say here isn't scientifically accurate, then take it as a symbolic metaphor that describes a process.

If I go and visualize my DNA structure, I can see that the energies fill the structure up, until they reach a certain frequency. Then there's the stopping point. For further energy to envelop, permeate and flow through my DNA structure, new energetic pathways must open up. This will activate the next "level" or layer of the energetic counterparts of the physical DNA. With this activation, I am prepared to receive the next incoming increase in energetic frequency. This all happens on an energetic level, but it does affect and change the physical DNA as well. A Quantum physicist may be able to explain this more accurately.

Hormones, emotional states, mental states and spiritual states of being are affected significantly by this "activation process". We (meaning us females) could compare it to PMS. Emotionally, there can be remnants of "stuff" we need to let go of that hits us full force, creating situations that are so reminiscent of the 3D experience we have left behind. The best way to deal with it, is usually individual to each person. I opt for looking at what it is, acknowledging and then letting it go, as it is no longer useful to hang on to. Physically, it may hit us with full force and flu-like symptoms, headaches, nausea, upset stomach, dizziness, extreme fatigue ... and many more. Usually, these symptoms don't respond to regular nor alternative treatment and just need to be endured. However, before deciding that you are really experiencing "ascension symptoms", do yourself the favor, bank on common sense and get help if you need it. I have found that drinking lots of spring water helps a bit. Spiritually, we may have deep longing to be gone from this plane of experience, yet fully know that we will not terminate our lives. Most often, to me it feels as if I'm about to dissolve into a ball of energy and poof... I call it "homesickness" and just live with it. There may be anger and frustration over how slowly this process is going and how little impact it seems to have on the rest of the world. This too, is best just endured. A possible benefit from learning to endure this is a thorough understanding and expansive ability to exercise patience. There is a gift in everything.

Many things change during these phases of activation. Some affect our nourishment intake. Some affect our physical senses, some affect how we perceive time and space etc.

If we know that during each one of these phases, we open up yet a little bit more to embrace the next wave of increased energy frequency, which we will integrate into the newly activated DNA energetically and physically, which will bring us step by step a bit closer to where we are headed, if we can keep this information in our hearts and learn to endure, I bet the process will be a lot easier. It sure beats having the circuits burned out by taking in too high frequencies too quickly or all at once, thus rendering the physical body useless. Some of us may recall....

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