Sunday, November 7, 2010

Nothing but a Dreamer

As I am trying to get a sense for today's energies, I'm pulled back into a dream I had last night. I don't want to talk about what I dreamed about in particular, but the stuff dreams are made of in general. Sometimes, there are dreams that are clearly just a "dump memory" function of the brain. Those are mainly the kind you dream of the stuff you experienced the days before the dream. They are in line with the physical reality.

More often, dreams are the memories of what you were doing while your body slept. In those dreams, we are all aware of other worlds, of different scenarios, of events that have seemingly nothing to do with our every day life. In dreams, we transcend time and space easily. In dreams, we are free to do really whacky stuff, like fly or steer a space ship. I've had fun doing that some nights ago. There are also prophetic dreams that give you insight into what is planned, or what is potentially to occur in your life or in the lives of others. To discern which kind of dream each dream is, is probably the greater difficulty. Personally, I can sense what each dream is, but I am hard pressed at how to explain how I can sense this. It is just an inner knowing that I have come to trust and that has confirmed itself to be accurate more often than not. In my opinion, dream interpretation is a gift, I've not yet heard of anyone really being able to learn it, but more often of people having the talent for it. (Oracles of old were born to be oracles, not made that way - training consisted of learning to discern).

Sometimes, in our dreams we catch glimpses of other people. People we have forgotten about, who were influential in our lives perhaps even half a life time ago. These people, whom we have spent some time with on the earthly plane, whom we have perhaps lost contact with subsequently, these people are as much part of our lives today, as they were back then. This brings a whole new twist into the experience of loss and the associated grief that we felt then, or are feeling still. Dreams like that show us the incredible timelessness of the realms beyond the veil and the interconnectedness of everyone. They show us the correctness of events in the physical plane from the past and they show us that we can indeed renegotiate decisions that were once made.

I am going out even further in my experience of dreaming. I have experienced scenarios that were somewhat different from my memory of how I remembered that things had come to pass. In my dreams I see that the same situation, say a parting from a loved one or the greater loss associated with my decision to emigrate from my homeland, has in fact different decision making processes with different decisions and outcomes. In my dreams I experience that a decision is never a wrong decision, nor is it the only decision which will barre one from experiencing the "or" after one has decided for the "either". In my dreams (be they waking or while the body sleeps) I can easily access both realities, both decisions and follow the experiences my spark has made on either path. I have come to learn that my decisions are never really decisive or dividing. A decision just points towards the lane down which I send my conscious self. The other lanes are still being experienced and can be recalled. I would call them "side kicks". Nevertheless, they do exist as separately created energetic realities and they are valid.  (energy never gets lost)

Through this experience, I have found a way to see through the illusions of a decision and the following consequences. I have found that no experience ever gets lost and that we experience it all. Emotions like grief can be overwhelming and I believe one should feel them some time in their lives, however it becomes increasingly difficult to stay in the emotional states, once one realizes the fact that the drama of the decision resulting in a loss on one hand and a gain on the other, is but that - just drama.

Nothing is real - Strawberry Fields Forever ......
(Following the laws of polarity, if nothing is real, everything is real ...)

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