Monday, November 29, 2010

Bring 'em all in

Bring 'em all in, bring 'em all in, bring 'em all in, bring 'em all in, bring 'em all into my heart 
Bring 'em all in, bring 'em all in, bring 'em all in bring 'em all in, bring 'em all into my heart 

-bring the little fishes bring the sharks 
-bring 'em from the brightness, bring 'em from the dark 
-bring 'em from the caverns bring 'em from the heights 
-bring 'em from the shadows stand 'em in the light 
-bring 'em out of purdah,  bring 'em out of store 
-bring 'em out of hiding lay them at my door 
-bring  the unforgiven, bring the unredeemed 
-bring the lost, the nameless let 'em all be seen 
-bring 'em out of exile bring 'em out of sleep 
-bring 'em to the portal lay them at my feet

(Mike Scott/The Waterboys)

Lately I have come across music that warms my heart again. Music is always a sign of the times as is fashion. Although some songs have been around for quite a while, their popularity may have just recently jumped up. I say, "the bards are back!"...or they've always roamed the Earth, however, we weren't always there to listen to them. I hear them loudly, especially in these times. I hear what Mike says to me with this song. I know he is right. I know that with all the knowledge, the mind based stuff, I sometimes get so far out there on my tangents that the very simple directive of love sometimes seems to fall by the wayside. It is songs like these that remind me of what it all boils down to. Always, again and again - bring 'em all in.

To me it means to focus on inclusion, rather than exclusion. No matter how different I may feel from others, no matter how different my knowledge, my thought patterns may be. No matter how different, my physical experiences are during this time. Bring 'em all in. This is not a call to make them all into a copy of me. This is not a call to be a missionary. This is a distinct call to include everything into my heart. My heart - the place I hold my focus on. The place that ideally governs each and every one of my moves, no matter if I deal with a little fishie or a big shark, not matter if I deal with the "unforgiven" or those residing in the "shadow". It is a clear message from what I call a bard. Having roamed the Earth numerous times before as a bard or troubadour, (perhaps that's why I keep talking?)  I feel a close affinity to his task. He may know it, he may not, his music is driving, the rhythm shaking away the constructs I place around the heart so that it may be safe.

If I really take a very close look at my heart, a very candid look at the quality that I call "me", they're all already there, so the task is not a difficult one, it is one only of reminding myself of a simple fact, "we are all one" and by doing so, I've brought them all in.

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