Thursday, November 11, 2010

Nourishing the Newborn

The ongoing events of 11/11 and the creation of a new world have resulted in an intense experience in the world of dreams for me and others. I have reason to believe that the words that I have posted on my blog before, namely that critical mass has already been reached, are indeed true. No event where the visualization and intent for a new world of harmony, peace, self-empowerment and authenticity of every single soul is ever in vain. I applaud the efforts of those who call themselves "lightworkers". I bow in full respect to all those who have upheld a vision that may have been utter fantasy a while back. I am happy to be one of those who, with steadfast stubbornness have been able to hold on to that vision of beauty, that is to become our new world.

Yes, the "baby" is born, the critical mass has been reached, the creation of this new world of 4th dimension's vibratory frequency is here. I look outside and find the very same world I saw yesterday, so how can it be true ? Or do I ? ... Do I really find the very same world before my eyes that I looked upon yesterday or can I discern differences? Have I forgotten to look for beauty? Have I neglected to spot the change? I don't know for certain, but the one thing I do know is that my job is to continue to spot every possible change and to cherish it, uphold the change towards harmony and peace by acknowledging and noticing it. This in the valuable effort to nourish the vision, to feed it into manifestation on the physical plane. Not like I've never done this before, I've spent decades trying to spot the beauy, the harmony, the resonance of what I held inside my soul. So far it always has felt as if the world of the 3rd dimension won out over what I call the heart-driven reality. So far, but from today on, I believe I will find it changed. As if the balance has been tipped. I do believe this, hence for me it may even manifest.

It is hard sometimes, to run ahead and declare something  that I have no proof of. Yes, I do feel foolish doing it. I do risk disbelief and people dismissing my notions here, but I also risk being contagious - I do risk that one or the other of my readers will start doing this conscious effort of noticing the changes for "the better", rather than focusing on the "same old".

This is what makes it very easy for me to risk being called a fool. Just one, and one more, and another person who decides to focus on the good, rather than the bad, on the inclusive, rather than the exclusive. This is how the mass consciousness is shaped and formed and each person deciding to focus on this rather than the old stuff that we have grown tired of, makes my journey worth while.  I bow to each and every one of you who makes it their daily habit to focus on the things of the heart. Chloe, the green sprout, the name with which Demeter came to me in my dream last night, will thank you for it with abundance, love, harmony and peace in all your undertakings, as long as they come from a place of authenticity of who you truly are.

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