Monday, November 1, 2010

My Higher Self and I

You may have heard it a number of time now - identify with your higher self!, let your higher self in!, connect to your higher self! - In the old paradigm, there was work to be done before the higher self could be "reached". This old paradigm had its purpose, but to keep it alive now can appear rather counter productive. Critical Mass has been reached on the belief that transformation and personal growth can be instantaneous now. To keep holding the belief that you have to meditate for hours every day, before you might, eventually, sometime down the road encounter a glimpse of a connection, is simply odd, given the information that you can have it all and have it now. I have come to know people to be rather attached to instant gratification, but also attached to the drama of a long and arduous process where a lot of suffering has to be done before being rewarded. Suffering, or penance perhaps ?...

Truth is, you can have it the way you like it - have it long and drawn out, arduous and then finally eventually get a glimpse of a "reward" (how linear !) or spiral freely into the flow of increasing your frequency along with the elevated frequencies permeating the planet at this time, at the mere pronouncement of your heart felt intention (desire) to become aware of your higher self on an ongoing basis, to finally identify with the higher self (how spiral !) The choice is yours, but you do have a choice in this, so I will not decide for you what your choice should be, for that would be indoctrination. I am here merely to speak of the availability of these choices (and many shades in between). It is with the power of your belief system that you create the reality you experience, every day anew. If things have been slow going, if transformation required huge amount of dedicated practice of some sort or another, then you can see that your belief system still holds to the old notions that were in fact true in the 1980s.... Let's face it, the 80s had great music, hideous glasses and the hair ! ??... I will not even try to mention the legwarmers ! Legwarmers!!...(yes, in a way I'm telling you: "C'mon, we're not in the 80s any longer !")

So how does one really go about getting in touch with one's higher self ? Well, you all have a heart, right? You know that pump in your chest, and that emotional heart that feels love and all the feelings? ...yeah - that is the heart I'm talking about. The closest you may have come into contact with universal love is when you lay eyes on your newborn baby for the first time (and then time and time again on your child). That is that deep love that connects us all, that we are in essence. The joy that one can derive from experiencing that love is unmistakable. When the heart is open, the intent to become aware of one's higher self can be given. With that intent, you will set things in motion that will comply with your wish. There will be a variety of scenarios that I don't know of, but they will be individual. At some point in the process there will be a flooding in your heart chakra (energy center on your chest), and the energy that floods your heart chakra is unconditional love. If you hit upon this feeling, you've hit jackpot - the motherload so to speak - the unending flow of unconditional love, the very essence, the stuff you're made of. Yes, that is YOU! - fun !... (hey, it's self-love!)

When you come across this moment, or have come across this moment before and are now refreshing the experience, know this: it is OK to identify with this energy as "I". It really is OK - well, it's not only ok, it's actually preferable in my point of view.

Once you experience this awareness of you, your life will change. Uh-oh! your life will change ! ... Scary, right? ... well, it may change, but it will only change for the better, for you have come to a place of greater understanding of who you are and therefore, you will create a different, greater experience, based on this understanding that you are this love energy. The change works as follows. Things, that have supported your old belief of yourself (the lower self = "I") will no longer be true, and thus no longer be required and eventually fall away (unless you re-create the old belief system). You will experience things in your life that are more supportive of your new belief of "This is who I am". The change from one state of identity to the next may be one of identity crisis for a short while, but relax in the simple knowledge, that to be this great amount of unconditional love has got to be preferable than what was before. (at least that is what I said at the time of my crisis).

Another bonus: Once you fully identify with your higher self and refer to it when you say "I", you will no longer be unaware of the interconnectedness of all that is - you will become aware of the oneness of everything and you will see yourself as a spark, a droplet which is part of the great sea of unified field consciousness. (term borrowed, but I like it).

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