Friday, November 19, 2010

Enough is Enough

Today, I was asked the question: "what kind of qualities does a person in the "new energies" have?" I'm pondering this, yet I realize that I do not have to really think about anything, the answer slipped in the moment the question was asked. I did not have to listen, feel or look for the answer. I did not have to use any of my mental faculties to derive logically what it could be. I could know - instantly know that a person in the new energies would be self-empowered. He(and she) would not have to make himself small, would not have to make anyone else small - and at the same time, would not have to make himself big, nor anyone else big. He(she) would be balanced in the true power of the one. No, that is wrong, he or she would BE the power of the ONE, for that is who we all are.

Furthermore, the image of a circle of people holding hands was shown to me by a friend. She liked that image with the mention "be connected". I felt a smile come up and at the same time the righteous raw power that I spoke of yesterday coursed through me. It crackled in it's electricity, the lightning quality I want to name it today. That image is such crock! ... Oh get me right, I am all for togetherness, connectedness etc. love and light - yes ! ...What I feel goes totally against my grain is the assumption that lies at the bottom of this image - it is that we are NOT connected, that we need to reach out and hold each others hands !... That goes against every fiber (every newfound fiber) in my being. It is so blatantly wrong that It makes me feel ill. In essence, all people ARE already one - the illusion of separation is a very persistent one, for even in the knowledge that we are one, we perpetuate images of holding hands, of building circles, of needing to connect.

I'm impatient, yes, I do not want to hold my own hand any longer - I don't want to connect with myself in order to covercome this illusion. I know inside, deep inside that images like this actually perpetuate the illusion ! I want to take a big broom and sweep these images aside - with one big swoop ! They are not truthful in essence! Get me right, it's not about being right or wrong, it's about being authentic and what is the most authentic place for any soul ? ANY soul?

I dare say straight up, that it is the absolute irrevocable understanding and integration of the knowledge that each and every soul IS the one, already connected, already whole.

It may take a giant leap of faith but the energies of these days, the alignments of the planets even as I read from astrologers' points of views, are geared towards facilitating this giant leap. If you have a feeling of "enough is enough", if you just about had it with pussyfooting around, with dancing and prancing around the core issue, then have heart and step into your own power.

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