Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I've wondered about something that has popped up into my field of vision on and off over the years. If someone comes to me with a problem and I offer a valid solution, more often than not, they turn away and will continue struggling. I've long since learned not to take this too personal, but it has been puzzling me for a long time. After pondering this phenomenon, I realized a few things. There is an uncanny parallel between the individual incidences and what I see out in the world. Real solutions to real problems have very often been dismissed, denounced, the person offering the solution has been dismissed along with the solution or even slandered - let alone burned at the stake.

What does "solution" mean? It is a process of dissolution. Dissolution means "undoing, breaking up of a state". "Dissolving" is the action therein. Dissolving means to disintegrate, to disappear (gradually). Basically, dissolution is the process of breaking up, undoing of one state to achieve another (e.g. from the transformation from a solid state to liquid state in chemistry). That means that the previous state is gone - for good ! - and a new state is achieved.

Humanity doesn't burn anyone at the stake anymore for their "solution" to a problem - or do they ? I feel that it is still being done. Not physically perhaps, but most certainly ideas which offer solutions have been burned at the stake. With these ideas, I mean those solutions which create the very real dissolution of the current problem, the absolute dismissal of a previous situation which makes then room for a new situation, a brand new one, I mean an absolutely more beneficial one for all concerned, including mother earth.

This may sound very theoretical, but there are many instances, where the "solutions" that have been chosen to remedy a problem are not real solutions, but only short-term band aids, which guarantee the continuation of the drama. Yes, the world today, still, functions on drama alone. Drama is entertainment, it holds a value for humanity that I do comprehend. What if, say - what if the major problems we face today actually have a real solution? Are we actually ready to listen to the brave soul who thinks outside the box and offers this solution, mostly free of charge, for the good of all involved? I dare say, NO! Humanity, Governments, people in charge, even those not in charge or only in charge of their own families seem to dismiss everything other than what perpetuates the drama in their lives.

Cruel statement, one could think, but if you go look around, check your news sources, be aware of your immediate community, yes, even your very closest family. Nobody really wants a solution that would change their lives - I say nobody and mean: perhaps one or two are brave enough to really face what a true solution would mean. So KUDOS to those few brave ones !!

Famous scientists communicate through the internet and their views, their scientific achievements are available for anyone with internet connection. Do they offer real solutions to the problems that ail our world ? If so, are those scientists really given the credit they deserve ? And if so, if someone in the scientific field really has a solution to a problem, and I do not mean a lessening of a persisting problem, so that we can live with it for another 20 years or so, but a true solution, a solving of the problem so that the problem is transformed and dissolved, is he or she heard? I make a bold statement if I say NO!... However, it is my freedom to say this, as I experience it - NO, the world and humanity is not interested in solutions, it is more interested in the entertainment value of drama. Solutions would require a real change, a real loss of something we have grown used to  for so long. A solution would mean transformation from one state into a completely different state, not the lessening of a previous state into a similar one that just "doesn't hurt as bad as before".

I see this "behavior" of humanity in the fields of all sciences, healing, personal growth, spirituality, education, environmentalism, politics etc, (I'm certain I've left a great many fields out)  it permeates every field I can think of.

The same goes for true wise folk, the sages of the world, who live day in and day out with their own solution, they speak of it, they publicize it and yet, they are seemingly unheard as their message falls on but a few open ears and after hearing the message and even agreeing to it, who is really brave enough to embark on the journey to actually transform oneself according to the message? It takes guts to say YES to real change, to say YES to solutions. It takes more courage still, after having agreed to the solution to stick with it and go through the transformatory process that follows it.

I for one, next time I am drawn to whine about my problem, whatever it may be, I will try to refrain and seek a solution, something that offers a real transformation, not just something that buys me a few more days of comfort so that the drama continues a bit later on. 

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