Monday, November 22, 2010

Growing Up

The great hype is out there with talk of "ascension" of "increase in frequency" of "going home" even. One thing is for certain for me, no matter what this journey is called, no matter what it is about for each individual, it cannot be successfully completed without one ever so important "ingredient". I don't know where people reside, but in order to "grow up" spiritually or otherwise, in life or on a spiritual journey, one most definitely needs to find a place of independence. This place of independence is carried by one simple thing. It is the quality of taking responsibility for oneself.

I have kids, they depend on me for certain things. However, they also strive to find their place of independence as they grow up. I encourage this weaning process and see the similarities it has to my own spiritual journey. The independence does not come without letting go of apron strings and crutches. We cannot hope to grow up spiritually and call ourselves "enlightened" if we refuse to take responsibility.

So what are we taking responsibility for ? Surely not that the world is in the dismal state it is in - right? Wrong ! We do take responsibility for everything that we cause by our action or inaction. Being passive is the very same thing as being active, just in reverse. Not doing something we ought to be doing (especially when we don't do what we came here to do) carries the burden of responsibility. It causes something. It isn't that our inertia, apathy or whatever you wish to call it causes nothing - it does cause something and for that we are responsible. That's the bottom line. I am not the authority in your life to tell you what that means, as a grown up, spiritually mature individual, you will sense within yourself the implications of your actions and inactions.

Imagine a society where everyone is aware of what their actions or inactions cause. This may be a bit of a stretch, but try anyways. Imagine what would happen if people actually took responsibility for themselves? In my imagination there would be almost instant peace. Consciousness would be such that inflicting harm and not doing what we came here to do would just not be possible anymore. The responsibility factor would keep us in line - not artificially concocted laws, that then need authority figures to keep us in line! That is a state of dependence and our society has grown used to it. We would each know beyond a shadow of a doubt what is right and what is wrong on the gross scale. We would also empathically sense what our actions and inactions cause to those around us, even to the whole grid of interconnected consciousnesses - to the whole. We would be able to sense the ripples our words would make. We would see the implications our deeds would have.

At first, I reckon, we would stop doing anything, we would stagnate. We would say, better not do anything, rather than cause harm. Well, there's the problem again - inaction when action is called for from our hearts can harm as much as wrongful action can. It's not the solution to the puzzle at hand. What can be a possible solution, and I urge each and everyone to check this within their own pools of wisdom, is to get in touch with one's heart. Consciously ! I've expressed this before and many others have too, but it always boils back down to this. Take your awareness and step into your heart. From this place you will know what to do, you will get to know the true you, you will find out your purpose in this life time and most of all, you will instantly know what to do and what not to do and it will be easy to take responsibility for yourself.

This is an essential part of growing up. Most of us reading this have grown up physically, most of us have grown up mentally, a few less have grown up emotionally - but how many of you have grown up spiritually ? The journey isn't complete unless you find yourself grown up on all levels and although some levels seem to be more difficult to manage or navigate than others, it is possible to take on this spiritual responsibility and act from the heart when your heart tells you to. It is easy and absolutely an innate urge to take responsibility for oneself, not for others mind you, but for oneself. If we all did this, really did this - imagine the social changes on this planet....

Truly awakened consciousness, true awareness of your heart's impulses manifested in the physical realm will bring peace.

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