Sunday, November 14, 2010

Got an Opinion?

It has occurred to me that there is always a flurry of opinions that go around, quite especially so among people who declare themselves to be in states of "zen" or what have you. I observe that comments are being made, well meant, of how things ought to be, or what one should better do, and it always boils down to the same thing: ego is in play, it has the reigns it wants to be right. It is a subtle energy that permeates the "opinions" and I am possibly more often than not, sitting in the very same boat. I want to investigate this phenomenon. Having an opinion is not the same as sharing a viewpoint (in my opinion!).

If I share an experience, a viewpoint, even an epiphany that left it's imprint on my matrix, I am possibly just sharing this. However, if I then go on to make the viewpoint my opinion, if I feel inside: "hah! I got it! THIS is the way it IS"...whoops ! that's when the pitfall of opinion comes into play.

It's quite a dance and I'm equally flawed as any human being, that I take on my viewpoints and make them my opinions. Oh I have even felt very strongly at times that my opinion were "the truth". I am freely admitting this, for it makes me laugh. I've eaten humble pie on that one far too often not to giggle inside now. Is there such a thing as "the truth" ? I do believe so, and hence, for me there must be. I do believe that I am still utterly blind to it though, even though some call me a seer. All I am able to see, truly see, is what my mind allows me to. All I am able to hold as true however, is what my heart tells me to. (and even that is foolish at times).

So the ultimate truth must be, or so my opinion goes, a marriage between the heart and the head. I do hold the belief that there are infinite possibilities, so for me, there are. If you decide to limit your experience here, then so it shall be for you. One thing does not negate the other. The pivotal point I am trying to make here is how we deal with each other, if our views, opinions and experiences differ vastly, or even just a little bit.

It can happen at a moment's notice, that the ego slips in, grabs the reigns and says: "see - he doesn't know anything really - I know better..." Thoughts like these happen, to all of us, I'm almost certain of this. So let them happen. It's ok to have thoughts like these. Just be nimble enough to greet your ego and call its bluff if thoughts like these flit through your mind ! My experience with this is, that when thoughts like these happen, they tend to destabilize one's balance point. They rip one out of the place of compassion, out of the heart, straight into the polarity bath of 3D. It happens, it still does, yes, it does, I see it all around me and I believe, it's really ok - for me it's really ok as long as I am aware of what it is, as long as I don't buy into it, as long as I remain in my place of heart felt observation.

Now this leads me to the question of how could we even communicate with each other, if we were only remaining still in observation? Well, indeed, communication would stop. There is one way of communication that appeals to me. It is called "sharing". If any information given out, communicated or otherwise imparted is done so from the place of heart felt sharing, I believe we step into communication of the heart. The British color therapy system of Aura Soma attributes the color vibration turquoise to this quality and as I am writing, I feel a deeper understanding of this turquoise color dawning within me.

To ground this information I would like to explore what it would take to physically enter into the place of sharing with others. I believe it takes most definitely an open heart. It takes the openness and the readiness to remain balanced and utterly detached, whether the shared bit of information is received, not received and most importantly on how it is received. This detachment from the need to have a particular outcome is a form of open respect, a form of love and acknowledgment of the free will of our fellow travelers here on earth. If the words remain distinctively polar, descriptive and judgmental, the energy behind them does not have to be that. It is in each person's power to change the way communication goes and in the premise of "you will reap what you sow", I believe that human interaction can change along with everything else.

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