Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Giving Birth

The waves of the birthing process from 3D into 4D are palpable these days. They come in quicker and quicker succession. If you have never even heard of any waves, try this to see whether you have been noticing them anyways: Some days you wake up refreshed and upbeat and others you wake up emotional, dead tired, exhausted, as if you had partied or rather worked your behinds off rather than gone to sleep. Except for those who actually did party and have a legitimate reason to feel beat the next morning, those who feel that way after nice 8-9 hourse of solid uninterrupted sleep have experienced a night of hard core work. Work on the energetic plane of this birthing process. I don't know what each one of you is doing in particular, I only know where my job lies.

Anyways - Sometimes you work, you know you work, you wake up and manage your normal day and then, you feel great, as the birthing wave (similar to contractions) is swinging into the good feeling part of the "meter". You may feel great momentum, a sense of anticipation and urge to move on, just to be disappointed again with a sense of let down. For those among you who have actually gone through childbirth, you may have a sense of what this urge, forward momentum followed by the let down is - yes, that's when the baby slips back a bit... until the next contraction.

A friend of mine said to that analogy: "yes, great, but sometimes it's a still birth " - or "the mother may die in the process." I believe what my friend wanted to express was that one can also hang too long in the throes of birth.

True, but i have a feeling, that it'll be a successful birth. That may be caused by an incorrigible sense of naivete or optimism perhaps - no, I think it's my child like state of naivete, or perhaps Neptune as the first planet in my natal chart, yes let's blame my visionary or dreamer qualities on Neptune, that'll do for today !

Anyways, I know from this ability to vision that my vision is still a good one, a positive one, the outcome is favorable, although, in the new experience, if there will be people alive then, who are now experiencing Earth in the time of the great shift, I fear they will be horribly bored by the absence of drama.

Yes, a birthing process is quite dramatic in nature, but there is also something organic, something rather pragmatic about it - if you let go of a need for control, if you let the process unfold as it is lined up to unfold. If you manage to trust that "everything is as it is supposed to be" (another term borrowed), you will navigate the energetic waves, the energetic contractions of this process with a sense of calm understanding. That will do the mother who does such an intense job a whole lot better than the stressed out drama that humans tend to create at any instance of anything halfway important.  I guess what I am saying today is - remain true to your hearts, believe that the birth will be a successful one and perhaps find a stance of compassion for the mother - Earth that is...

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