Saturday, November 27, 2010

Our Mother

I have been reflecting about what it really is that humanity is doing right now. I don’t want to walk the beaten path of terminology and speak of “Ascension”, raising energy frequencies and the like, even though that is in my opinion certainly happening. I want to bring a slightly different angle to what I’ve been observing, what I’ve been doing myself a few decades ago and what I see folks still doing at this present time.

I have spoken of growing up, of taking responsibility, of becoming an adult in the spiritual sense. It seems to me, that if one takes a look at our planet, we cannot help but think of it as our mother. We call it “Mother Earth”, old Earth-based traditions have long since referred to the Earth as our mother. There must be something to it. I took a look at Earth as our mother and saw that we, her children, are, in our teens, have been for a long time, We see the bigger picture clearer, if we remember our own teen years. We may not remember everything, but some feelings may be familiar. The fights, the rebellion, the breaking free with all our might, in order to call ourselves adults a few years later. Some people have not stopped being teenagers. Some people have so many learning experiences in this time, that there seems almost no time for some real growing up.

Let’s be honest, we were downright abusive to our parents, our mother in particular, until she gave up and let us go – or so it looked from our point of view. As I am a mother of a teenage daughter right now, I am facing a “watered” down period of rebellion, where my kid is almost needing to find things to rebel against, for I remember my own teens all too well and try to be a rather unorthodox mother. Yet, even then, she feels obviously the need to rebel, to go through this process of becoming an adult.

We can all remember either our own teens, the teen years of our kids, or nieces and nephews, grandkids – neighbor’s kids etc. Try to remember what is so predominant during those years. There is number 1 on my list: “self-absorption”. Followed by snotty attitude of always wanting to be right. (power). This is coupled with a lousy memory for things that the teen agreed to do. (Where are those frontal lobes again?). Reminders are met with an outcry of “do you not trust me ?” or “yeah, yeah, I’ll do it” …(a promise forgotten the instance it is uttered). There are good things about being or observing a teenager. There is vulnerability, there is trying on one’s grown-up shoes, there is really a great deal of creativity, especially when it comes to breaking free from the mold of the parents.

I am sure you will all have a different sort of idea what teenage years are all about and how they pan out. It
matters little. It is the age pertaining to the Solar Plexus Chakra, the power center, the energetic center of individual power and emotion. Drama is located there too.

If we now pan out with our lens, bring our focus away from the “model teen” that we were musing about and look around into the world. We see Mother Earth, weary, tired, yet still giving, forgiving, patient and seemingly always just there, endlessly providing. And we see a whole lot of humans living on Mother Earth, behaving like the teenager. Can we truly fault them? I believe not, for they are only in their phase of spiritual development. However, as with the messy careless room of the teenager, we see the pollution that engulfs Mother Earth, she can hardly keep up with the clean up. She’s weary, like any mother of a teenager would be. She’s tired. She’s possibly still wondering why she is mothering these teenagers! Until she lets go. Until the teenagers let go – Let go of taking the Mother for granted. Until the teenagers realize that they are hurting their Mother and depleting all her resources. Until this moment, when the teenagers grow up to be almost adults. When their frontal lobes, magically return to full function. That is the moment of glory, when the teenagers grow up and begin giving back to their Mother who has carried, supported, endured and loved despite all that has been done to Her.

I cannot wait for human kind to grow up. I am impatient. I feel like an older sister, who sees their rebellious teen sibling not quite deciding to grow up. We, as in humanity, we owe our Mother at least the heartfelt respect and recognition for the amount of support she has given us. It wouldn’t hurt if we took her into our loving thoughts as we would our own mother. The respect an adult gives their mother, in full understanding of what we have put her through, what she endured on our behalf, so that we could grow up to be the beautiful humanity residing in our hearts.

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