Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Already There

I have written about the lofty goal of reaching critical mass regarding the belief system that we could create our own world, a better world. I have written this with my own belief that we as a human collective are not there yet, we need to get there first.

Now it's time to climb out onto another limb.
I am relaying the information that we are already there. There is nothing we have to achieve first. There is nothing we have to work towards. Critical mass has been reached as far as the belief goes that we can instantly create whatever we desire. Enough people believe this and repeatedly confirm their beliefs by actually actively and consciously creating their hearts' desires successfully. (Thanks go out to all those who have tirelessly spread the news !)

It is my hearts desire that critical mass would be reached for folks to know how to create a different world around themselves. The crystal grids are in place and functioning, we (humans) are all allowed to actively, consciously connect with that grid and get going with creations of our own. Consciousness levels still vary, if we took a cross section of people randomly, but the blueprint that we can create whatever we wish,  is in place and the moment a person wakes up to this idea, it will instantly (and painlessly) activate within them and be fully functional.

The whole notion that everyone should be part of this scenario is such a noble one. It is a newer notion, born out of enough creative force, out of the voices who were loudly proclaiming that they are unable to fathom losing their families and friends to 3D whilst moving on to 5D. Those voices have pleaded, they have said: "I am increasing my frequency, if you give more time to my friends and family so they can too - I don't want to leave them behind!"

A prayer for someone else is one of the strongest energies in the universe and so humanity created that indeed, the main blueprint, the main plan for the shift into the 4th dimension would undergo a change - instead of apocalyptic changes which were prophesied by many different folks, sages, shamans etc. the vision has changed. It has become one of integration, rather than separation. (rather the inclusive 5D approach to the shift than the initially conceived 3D approach of separation, of weeding out, a change which reflects the increased frequency and consciousness of mankind and was very much applauded by our helpers) This is the exact result of what I am talking about above. Humankind has reached the understanding (at least in their energetic make up) that their wishes will be met. Their beliefs and wishes will create a different scenario, a different experience.

The power this revelation holds is quite immense if you take the time to think about it's implications. It takes great courage to step into this state actively in full consciousness. There will not be any more leeway to say: "Well, I didn't know!" - You do know! and you are responsible for what you create - always. The energy of the heart, the main drive that permeates the 4th dimension will be your very best guide in this new power. If you keep in mind that you are not your singular, separate body. If you keep in mind that you are but a droplet from a vast sea of consciousness, that you are in fact unified and directly connected with everyone else, that which ever creation you desire to bring forth does have an impact on the whole - it cannot be otherwise - then you will realize that at first you may be like me, sitting in your corner, like the legendary mesmerized bunny before the snake. Then, with some time to sit and contemplate the snake, that bunny can take a hop towards the snake and even see itself to be a part of the snake and know that there is nothing to fear. All it takes is the absolute understanding that we are all one and what I do in my life does affect others - everyone else really, even if they never know that it was my creation in particular that did cause a ripple in their life. It seems to be an unsurmountably great chunk of responsibility to carry. Well, ultimately, it is quite simple. Ensure that your wishes and desires never hold harm for anyone else - do not harm anyone ! ... that's it - as simple as that.

It can't be that simple ? - yes it can, for when you reside in your heart space, when your love for the whole, for all others and yourself is in place and active, then you cannot do harm. The creation of harm becomes a thing of the past, a faded memory of the 3rd dimension into which we were born so that we could be part of this shift.

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