Monday, November 15, 2010


For the sake of balance, I would like to address "the other side" of yesterday's topic. I talked about what we can do to improve communication and bring it to a level of 4D. That was from the point of view of sharing some information. Now in my understanding, sharing is defined as  "communion: sharing thoughts and feeling" Communion... let's explore the word a bit closer, it is defined as: "mutual participation" that brings it to the point for me. The word "mutual" implies that the sharing is equal on both ends, the receiving and the giving in order to become communion. It is not the words that need to be equal of course, but the intent, the energetic signature that lies beneath the communication should be.

This brings a responsibility to each person who wishes to bring their communication to a different level. I must at first blindly assume perhaps that the person I communicate with is equally interested to share their information, rather than dictate it. In this frame of mind, I have the responsibility to assume that it is so, and with this assumption, I then need to keep in mind (and heart) that I receive the shared information in this spirit of communion. As a gift, as a means of connection, inclusion and augmentation of intellectual wealth.

Since it is in my own power to create my experience here on the physical plane, and since everything I experience is but a mirror of myself, it seems very clear that having such a stance when entering any communication should be beneficial in the end and contribute to a peaceful, enriched experience. Not surprising to me, I feel myself reeling...yes, there are beliefs, experiences from the past, where I thought I had exactly this in mind, where I made myself vulnerable and ready for communion with very trusted individuals ... ouch... memories surface that wish to deny that what I just said holds truth.

I don't believe in fear unless it is to warn me of immediate danger. This is why I am curious enough to try things out. I am mulling over what may work for me. I believe that I would fare best with an acceptable intermediate point of reference that I could use while I train myself in "communion" as a means of communication. I am finding that the platform of the unprejudiced observer comes in handy once more. From there, I can partake, observe and then quietly discern where I wish to enter into that deeper form of sharing, into communion.

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