Saturday, November 13, 2010

Clean-up Crew

For those who have gone through all the ascension symptoms, have locked into 4D a while ago and find themselves now physically ill during this week's birthing process, I wish to share that there is a possibility that it's not you who is ill. At each birth, there is a mess. It may very well be possible that you are part of the team who is able to transform the no longer suitable frequencies, remnants of the Earth's past and that you have volunteered to be part of a clean-up crew. This shows directly in your physical bodies with flu-like symptoms, respiratory symptoms, ongoing headaches, nausea and extreme fatigue (for when you sleep the job is somewhat easier). Those symptoms do not go away with regular medication, nor with well chosen alternative medical care, nor respond to energetic balancing of your physical body. It is as if it's not even really your "disease" - well, it isn't.

It is the not so glorious tasks that need acknowledged in my opinion. Those of you who have volunteered to be part of the clean-up crew, you will know who you are and perhaps be glad for the confirmation. It's never the healer that chooses the patient, it's the patient that chooses the healer.

One thing that helps with any kind of clean up is humor and of course the company of other cleaners. To know that one can still laugh and that one isn't alone is always a good thing.

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