Thursday, November 4, 2010


Look and listen around - news of people dying suddenly have been in our lives for quite a while now. Sometimes, people die without apparent reason, they just don't wake up. A good way to go. Lately, these news seem to have increased, at least in my circles. Although each individual person who died had family, friends, mourning their passing, and each individual case was heart wrenching for those who are very close, it has struck me as a very natural part of life in these times. Yesterday, I talked about how it came to be that the vision, the blue print for earth's increase in frequency has changed from a 3D approach of division and separation to a 4D approach of inclusiveness and compassionate embrace for all involved. Still, people seem to literally just drop off the earth.

I mean no disrespect to anyone who has suffered a loss. I wish to emphasize and acknowledge, that each individual case is to be mourned, even if we accept the facts of life and death. I personally wish to express my heart felt sympathy to anyone who has lost dear friends, acquaintances or even family members.

Why does a life not continue, even if there is no apparent medical reason? Why is it that accidents have increased and claimed lives lately? Why is it that people just don't wake up one day, even though they are healthy ?

These deaths are the souls whose personal blueprints were based on the initial apocalyptic vision of "two thirds of everything will perish". Those personal blueprints were up for negotiation of course as the new more inclusive vision was created by mankind. Each soul had the option to go back to the drawing board and re-design their initial blueprint (contract) for this life time. For some the outcome of death before the shift remained. Those are the people who leave earth at this time, a lot of them with inexplicable causes, some through simple diseases that would be curable, some through accidents and some at the hand of another. Of course, there are those whose life span was meant to run out by this time anyways, they just simply decided that a new body would be preferable to be experiencing the shift, so they come very quickly again. Birth rates have not gone down.

As far as I can view it, these deaths are the very honorable decisions of many souls. These deaths are the assessments that need to be respected. To give a viewpoint like this may appear callous or even cold hearted, but if you truly engage and merge with the energy present here, you will find the sense of correctness in it all.

For some people, the experience of loss carries the teaching of recognition that all is one. Some folks go through this teaching without really losing anyone to death, but their loved ones just simply fade away, through circumstances that they may never have been willing to dream up in their waking state. I find these losses to be almost harder to bear, for they leave the ever so slight hope and potential for attachment, that these loved ones will re-join in the higher frequency at a later date.

I personally have experienced very closely this second kind of loss, where family members made the decision to stay where they were, whereas I moved along. Some did so consciously, which is almost preferable, and some did so unconsciously, meaning they just are where they are and experience what they experience. My love for all of them is everlasting, it does not matter what the earthly drama was, what made them decide to stay in 3D for a while longer - it is their blueprint and my stance is pretty much in line with Solomon... you gotta let them go/be, in order not to hurt them further. It is after all not in my power to decide for another.

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