Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Harnessing the Energy of the Moment

For quite a while now, I've found a way to live my life without having to buy into the rat race of those around me. I feel privileged, a bit weird of course and quite daring. I have no clue whether my decision to live my life this way will come to bite me later on. It just may, or ... it may not. What I am practicing at this time is to "harness the energy of the moment". This term popped into my mind just now. I wasn't even aware that that's what I'm trying to accomplish. I want to take a closer look at it though, for my absolutely best loved tool in my tool box of life is curiosity. (even if it kills the cat sometimes!)

In order to be able to embark on the journey to learn how to harness the energy of the moment, so my belief, one has to allow oneself to reside in the now. This place has gotten quite a reputation for a while now, yeah, I believe the "be here now" quote has popped up around 1971 (at least Ram Dass' book dates from back then.) Guys ! that was 39 years ago !...

So here we are, hopefully at least with one foot sometimes in the now and trying to "harness the energy of the moment". What does it mean ? In my experience, it means that each moment, each expanse of now holds the potential for something - this "something" is most definitely different for each one of us. Sure, there may be joint ventures, where the "something" is the same for a group of people, but ultimately, one has only one's own NOW to deal with. OK, I'm in the now, that part is clear, for I have no attachment to yesterday, none to tomorrow or any other time frame. It is now and I am here - waiting... trying to harness something ... what if nothing is there ? what if that something is not good enough for me and my world ? what if ? what if ? ... yeah, that's the mind reeling, it can't really give up that little bit of control that it has left. I let it run through the questions. They are but products of fear and doubt. I feel it all calm down in the meditative fashion of letting go. That's good - the emptier I become, the greater my potential for harnessing what this moment has in store for me. Then, quietly, softly, tentatively, that inner voice begins to call. A desire pops up, it's the desire pops up. That's what wants to be harnessed this very moment. The moment itself has provided the guideline for what is in store for it. I never even had to guess at anything and the surprise is complete, for I could not  have come up with it, based on thinking processes alone.

It matters not what this moment offered to me - what matters is the makings of the process to allow oneself to be this still, to allow for the possibility of the moment to expand and manifest. As I embark on doing what is before me, exactly as it unfolds, every new moment carrying me faithfully into the potential of what the moment brought to me, I feel alive. I feel very much alive, my life has the ultimate purpose. Again, it matters not, whether that moment brought to me that it is a good moment to do the laundry, to wash dishes, to rake leaves - or to write this blog. It matters not, whether what I harness in any moment brings me money, for it already brought an abundance of wealth. I condsider myself immensely rich because I have been able to harness the energy of a moment. Whatever that "thing" is that your moment brings to you, it will flow easily, joyfully and make total sense (however this, sometimes only in hindsight). Do not think for one moment that any thing is better than the next - it isn't something that we can really judge. It also dawns on me, that my eternal need to procrastinate things has sometimes to do with waiting for the right moment, however, I cannot say, that all my procrastinations were that - just some of them :) It takes a great deal of honesty towards the process and oneself to figure out which was which, but it's a moot point anyways, for in the now, the past has no pull.

With this experience, I truly believe that if more and more people harness the energies of their moment, we can become more fulfilled and peaceful as a group, a society, a civilization.

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