Friday, November 26, 2010

Because it's my Choice

I've written about many things already - I have reached a point where things start over. Topics begin to repeat themselves. That's ok, we do need reminders, but today, I'm at a loss for a "great new topic". So I'm picking an oldie.

Look at your experience of your day today. Is it a happy day - then I guess you chose happiness. If it's a sad day, then you chose sadness. Both choices are allowed. Both experiences are equally valid. I will not say, the person who chooses sadness for today is worse than the one who chooses happiness. What I do notice is, that both parties are in their full power of choice. As simple as that.

You could begin to argue with me here that the person choosing sadness may have reason and that the same goes for the person who chooses happiness. I dare say, repeat really, that the experience of either feeling is only seemingly related to events in one's life. It can be defied !... Free will choice allows us to focus our attention wherever we wish to focus it on. And that's that ! It is that easy.

Already, just by writing this, I remind myself that what started as a somewhat slow or even gloomy day, can be fun, happy and interesting, according to my inner focus, according to my choice.

If you don't believe this, then don't take my word, by all means, I don't really want you to take my word and believe it unexperienced. That would bind you to me in a most undesirable fashion. No, I do wish for each person who doubts these words to try it out. Experiment with this concept. Defy the feelings you do not wish to experience and focus instead on what you would like. If your outlook doesn't change, then I don't know, then I guess you either didn't maintain the choice long enough in your system (i.e. didn't hold the new focus strongly enough) or your circumstances must really be horrible. (I am assuming that nobody in their right mind will try and bring about a sad or painful experience on purpose - or am I mistaken?) I do understand that there are life situations that will not quickly change one's feelings about the day. For those situations, I recommend giving oneself perhaps an hour a day where the existing hardship is forgotten, and in your mind, a new, fear free, loving and enjoyable experience can be conjured. I recommend this in the worst possible cases of "bad day". For otherwise we perpetuate the difficult experience and keep it alive.

I understand that it may be difficult some times to defy what is right before us. To become a "dreamer" rather than staying a "realist". I put these two words in inverted commas for a reason, for what other is a realist, than a dreamer too and what other is a dreamer, than a realist ?

Anyways, I could go on and on, and turn myself around in this hokey pokey, but I'm going to choose not to. Instead, I'm going to focus on how loving my environment is and how lovely the moments of my free day, free from any push, pull, chore and societal events like this Black Friday - just free, because it's my choice.

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